Bangalore Blasts Will Certainly Help BJP, Tweets Congress Spokesperson Shakeel Ahmad

Bagalore witnessed a bomb blast outside BJP office & Shakeel Ahmad has tweeted that the blast will certainly help BJP on the eve of election.

Malleshwaram Bangalore Blast

Human loss in any form is a tragedy. Yesterday it was Boston that made news for all the wrong reasons and today it is a bomb blast in Bangalore. According to NDTV, today morning a bomb exploded near the BJP’s office in Bangalore, injuring at least 16 people including eight policemen.

Malleshwaram Bangalore Blast

The incident happened at a time when the state is going to witness elections next month. It didn’t take much time for Malleshwaram to trend on Twitter. The bomb exploded outside the BJP branch located in Malleshwaram, a crowded residential neighbourhood that hosts quite a few temples too. Along with Malleshwaram – #BangaloreBlast, Hebbal, and BJP have started trending and while writing this article, are featuring in the top 10 trends in India.

But what shocked me and others on Twitter was a tweet from Shakeel Ahmad who made an insensitive comment. Shakeel who is a Congress spokesperson with more than 4K followers indicated that the blast will certainly help BJP during the forthcoming elections. The below screen grab highlights the tweet which by now has got more than 200 retweets and has also been criticized and praised by his supporters too.


In the first half of the day, I had highlighted this growing trend of BJP and Congress bashing on Twitter. The tweet is a shameful act from a spokesperson at a time when people have been injured by this act. But I am sure this kind of blame game on social media is going to grow since neither the politicians understand the medium nor their political parties have a will to stop such bashing for gaining public sympathy.

One can debate that it is an open forum and people have the right to express opinions. Freedom of speech should not be used as provoking speech or hate speech. The rule applies for all parties in this country. But when you boldly say that you represent a certain party on Twitter then you are also the face of the party. One tweet of your party can tarnish the online image. However, it is a different matter if the party is not bothered about its online reputation.

Did someone say that social media will have a huge impact on 2014 elections? Forget of impact, 2014 elections will only see bashing of rivals on social media.

Image Courtesy: NDTV