Balakrishnan Vaali And Virat Kohli Come Together For Nestlé Munch

A look at Nestlé Munch's latest campaign featuring Balakrishnan Vaali And cricketer Virat Kohli, and its social media extension


Remember Balakrishnan Vaali, that Virat Kohli look-alike and the new face of Nestlé Munch? Well, he’s back in the news again with his favourite Nestlé Munch. As an extension of the wafer chocolate’s campaign that centered around ‘Mera Crunch mahaan’, the new campaign by Nestlé Munch features both the cricketer and Vaali for the first time, but the emphasis is on the ‘crunchy noise’ rather than the resemblance.

A short TVC conceptualized by JWT Delhi has the two of them in an elevator, along with Virat’s manager. While an oblivious Vaali makes a crunchy sound with his Munch, Virat’s manager points out the resemblance to him. However, the viewer is taken aback by the observation made, as the manager sees that both are having Munch, but fails to catch the facial resemblance!

As is the reigning trend, the TVC was shared exclusively with Facebook fans prior to being released on television. But, of course, with the usual teasers that invited fans to keep guessing on what’s coming up. The page admin of Nestlé Munch Facebook began conversations around the elevator, by asking fans to answer three questions related to the brand ambassador Vaali. And also promised to reveal something very exciting after getting 50 correct answers.


The TVC video was eventually shared on the fourth day after the round of 3 questions each which required 50 correct answers to help reveal what is in the elevator. After revealing the face to face encounter of Virat and Vaali, the page has since then focused only on Virat and the new Munch; Vaali seems to be fading out of the campaign. The cover page also features the cricketer Virat, and not his look-alike Vaali anymore.

However, Balakrishnan Vaali’s Twitter page is still alive and kicking. He has been pulling up Twitter conversations around #InTheElevator, with the real Virat playing along. There is a tweet by Virat where he says that he met someone in the elevator who likes Munch as much as himself. Vaali, on the other hand is occupied in conversing with his fans about the elevator encounter with Virat.

Virat to Vaali to Virat back again

It seems the experiment to portray Vaali as the face of the brand with a Twitter page of his own, has paid off on social media. Vaali has a following of more than 700 on Twitter and is always chit-chating with them, while cleverly weaving in about the product he endorses.

This campaign is a successful extension to the excitement created by the earlier one, at the time of launching Vaali as the new brand ambassador. However, nothing is happening on Vaali’s Facebook page, that had kicked off with a cool presence of a regular guy from Chennai, with a penchant for Munch and idlis. Perhaps, having a fake profile for Virat’s look-alike might cause problems on Facebook.

Nevertheless, the social media interactions made by Vaali on Twitter are commendable and will work a long way for Nestlé Munch. What do you think?