Bajaj CT100 Rides On The Joys Of A First Bike In Khushiyon Ka Jackpot

Bajaj Auto has rolled out 'Khushiyon Ka Jackpot' campaign for its entry-level bike CT100, where a family celebrating Dussehra is seen enjoying their first bike

The first vehicle in the family, be it a car or a bike, is always special. It brings a kind of joy like no other; it’s almost treated like the new member in the family. Bajaj Auto’s CT100 is playing on that very feeling of joy when a family gets its first bike in its latest campaign.

After a span of over nine years, Bajaj had reintroduced the CT100 in the Indian market as an entry-level commuter motorcycle, and it has spelled success for the brand. The auto major has sold as many as 150,000 CT100s in less than 100 days of the bike’s relaunch. Targeted at the rural consumer segment on the lookout for a low-maintenance bike with high fuel efficiency, the new CT100 is a good deal at 35K INR.

Building on the momentum, the auto brand has now launched “Khushiyon Ka Jackpot”, a campaign that highlights the joy brought home by the first bike. Set in a rural background, the minute-long film conceptualized and created by Leo Burnett, captures how a family does not miss out on the Dussehra festivities in their town.

In a small town celebrating Dussehra, a family has just bought the new CT100 bike. The man of the family smiles as his wife breaks a coconut to welcome the new member. Their little son is overjoyed too but excited to watch the burning of Ravana effigies.

The boy cannot see any of it, when the father comes to his rescue with the new bike. The two ride to a hillside to the boy’s delight, as he can now watch the entire Dussehra celebrations happening in the town.

All throughout there’s an appealing song ‘Savari Aayi hai’ sung by Bollywood playback singer Javed Ali.


“Khushiyon Ka Jackpot” is a timely campaign banking on the festive season of Dussehra. Most consumers in India, especially in the rural parts of the country, consider it an auspicious occasion to buy vehicles during Dussehra. Apart from being timed well during the festival season in the country, the campaign is well positioned in its concept. Riding on the joys of the first bike is a clever ploy to promote an entry-level commuter bike.