This Mother’s Day Bajaj Electricals’ #RightfullyHers Finds The Perfect Excuse To Give Respect To Our Mothers

This Mother's Day Bajaj Electricals' #RightfullyHers campaign got users to demonstrate their love to their mothers on social media in the most simple yet special way

Ever wondered why your father’s name is taken as your middle name? While we don’t know the exact date since when middle names have existed but they are to do with honoring people. Again this has differed from country to country, religion to religion. But very rarely do we see a mother’s name being used as the middle name; mostly it is the father’s name or the tribe’s. However there is Bollywood director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who uses his mother’s name as his middle name.

This Mother’s Day Bajaj Electricals along with its digital agency ibs thought of giving more importance to mothers. On 7th May, 2016, a day prior to Mother’s Day, the brand rolled out a very interesting campaign with a film at its core “Rightfully Mom’s”. (Also read: The 20 Best Mother’s Day Videos Of 2016 By Indian Brands)

The 2 and half minute film starts with a busy son and his mother waiting for him to come home. The day ends with all the food lying on the dinner table and the son crashing on his bed late night. Next morning the mother is in for a pleasant surprise while browsing Facebook and checking mother’s day love pouring on social media. In comes a notification from Facebook that her son has changed his name from Varun Satyam Seth to Varun Maya Seth. The video ends with a smiling mom and a message to do something special for our mothers this Mother’s Day: let’s change our middle name to our mother’s name on social networking platforms.

The video has so far fetched a million plus views on Facebook and another 411K plus views on YouTube. Sharing the creative aspect behind the video, Abhishake Das, ECD, ibs said Mother’s day was a perfect excuse to tell this story, and give our mothers the love, respect and recognition that’s rightfully hers. “Hopefully, it’ll bring smiles to the mother’s faces, and give us a chance to show how much we celebrate being their children.”

On social media, the brand has been sharing the video and creating awareness about the campaign.

The brand, in its note to LI, states that since the video release, thousands of people have taken to Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp to add their mothers’ names to their own display names on social media. This included celebrities, media personnel, sportsmen and a host of other popular names.

Here are some of the tweets shared by influencers on social media:

Building ‘We Are Family’

Mothers are often taken for granted and the campaign highlights this in a sincere manner. That doesn’t mean that we love them any less, however small gestures of love can bring the smile back to their face. Replacing one’s middle name on social networks isn’t a big deal but the gesture itself is sure to bring a smile to your mother’s face in this digital age. We see that in the video too: how the mother is taking pictures of her special meal and sharing them on the family Whatsapp group, and the next day browsing for mother’s day posts shared by her connections on Facebook.

While the video shares a heartwarming mother-son story with a lovely message, ‘Rightfully Hers’ campaign is an extension of Bajaj Electricals larger brand campaign, ‘We Are Family’.  Launched late last year, the campaign perfectly encapsulates what we as a company have always felt in terms of our relationship with our consumers, explains Beena Koshy, Vice President and Head - Advertising and Brand Development, Bajaj Electricals.

“Rightfully Hers is our way of paying tribute to all those beautiful moms out there for caring, nurturing and being there for us, making us what we are today. We believe that many a times all it takes is just a small gesture on our part to make our moms happy. We urge all to just add your mom’s name to yours and see her glowing with pride and happiness,” Koshy added.

In the crowded space of Mother’s Day campaigns running on your social feeds, this one by Bajaj Electricals has rightfully created an engaging and memorable experience for consumers, while beautifully extending its ‘We Are Family’ brand story.