#MagicOfLight: Bajaj Electricals aces the art of digital storytelling

A set of video stories beautifully illustrate the brand’s journey in transforming lives in remote areas through its power transmission & distribution efforts

Brands tell stories all the time. Some stories strike a chord deep inside, some fly above your mind. Some inspire you to rise towards greatness, some help build familiarity with the brand. The intent behind every story though, is to build awareness for the brand. And, possibly some brand affinity, if you may.

For brands that are in the business of manufacturing electrical equipment, telling stories poses a unique challenge. How can a brand tug at its consumers’ heart strings, when what it does is install street lights, transmission lines, towers, high masts and electrify places? A commercial perhaps would suffice – x number of street lights installed, y kms of transmission lines installed, a big pat on our backs, we are the best purpose-driven company and you better remember us for this.

But, so is every other company commercial! One brand, though, is setting itself apart.

Bajaj Electricals, the makers of electrical equipment, has just rolled out its latest campaign - #MagicOfLight; a set of video stories beautifully illustrate the brand’s journey in transforming lives in remote areas through its power transmission & distribution efforts.

#MagicOfLight comprises three videos conceptualized by OnAds Communications, which begin like a fairy tale, but end with a true story, each highlighting the brand’s role in empowering dreams using the magic of light, each illustrating hope in times of despair. Taking the animation route, the minute-long films feature animated characters who make a wish for change in their life, only to be replaced with real characters whose lives have now changed.

‘Taxi Driver’ is about the electrification of villages, that has enabled fathers to not migrate to cities to find jobs, and instead be with their children. Here, a little girl is seen wishing for her father to come home to her.

‘Firefly’ is about the lighting initiatives taken up in poorly lit streets, thereby enabling women to travel safely. Here, a young woman eager to join the workforce, is seen wishing for lights on her street.

‘Queen’ is about finding the best eco-friendly solution to bring power to remote villages, often having to install transmission lines through forests and rivers, but with the intent to not harm the animals. Here, a power queen is seen striving to find a solution to bring light to the village without doing any harm to the animals.

In addition to the animated films, the campaign also comprises a microsite housing the films. The animated microsite is brought alive with the users’ scroll down action, beginning with a bright flame setting light to stories of change one after the other.

At the end is an interactive country map, click on any of the glowing circles, and the text blurb informs you about what hurdles the brand faced during a specific project, and how it overcame the same to bring power to that place. A set of numbers also throw light on the brand’s overall accomplishments.

Memorable storytelling meets nice execution

Brand awareness ads can be tricky, often boring and quickly forgotten. And when it is about electrical equipment, things sure tend to be unappealing. With #MagicOfLight, Bajaj Electricals has made a start, whoever thought of brands in boring industries coming up with great content marketing!

The legacy brand has managed to create a niche piece of content in the otherwise cluttered world of ‘brand doing good’ stories. The animated fairy tale approach has lent an element of magic to the stories, just so to convey to the viewer, about the ‘possibility of dreams coming to reality.’

The role of the brand has been surfaced quite subtlely, unlike ad films shouting from the rooftops about the brand’s great initiatives having impacted thousands of lives. The differentiated approach to brand storytelling coupled with the microsite makes for a memorable brand awareness campaign for its digital audiences, besides the fresh take making the 75-year-old brand appealing to the younger generation.