How Webenza increased brand recognition & preference for Bajaj Allianz Life ULIP with bloggers

Case study by Webenza to increase brand awareness & highlight the benefits of Bajaj Allianz Life ULIP products, submitted under the category: ‘Best Influencer Campaign’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

The Client

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited is India’s leading private Life Insurance Company which offers products ranging from ULIPs & Child Plans to other Life Insurance products. With a strong product portfolio, they are able to cater to the needs to millions of Indian families and other customers.

The Agency

Webenza is a full service Digital Marketing, Creative & Technology organization, established in 2012, with 100+ associates & 170+ clients.

Their portfolio consists some of the best brands in the country including Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Schneider Electric, Kurl-on, Manipal Hospitals, Prestige Group, Embassy Group, Wrangler, Reliance Trendz & SPAR among 50 other brands across industries.

  • Nerve center in Bangalore with branches in Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Houston
  • Creates disruptive ideas & solutions for clients across the industry
  • 200+ Social/Digital campaigns & 100+ Technology projects

Problem Statement

To highlight best investment practices to different target audiences depending on their varied financial goals with Bajaj Allianz Life ULIP Products. We also focused on simultaneously sustaining the momentum of #IfsOfLife campaign and connecting it with #InvestBefikar.

Why #InvestBefikar? A lot of people save money but most of them are unaware about investing wisely. Future Wealth Gain is a product that not only gives the insurer a high-insurance cover but also provides a choice of two portfolio strategies along with a fund booster feature. With a product such as Future Wealth Gain, we wanted to give power to the people by educating them about the benefits of investing in Life Insurance, making their future secured and full of joy. #InvestBefikar campaign used a gentle & caring approach to guide our audience to invest freely and without worry.

Identified Objectives

  • Increase brand awareness & to highlight the benefits of Bajaj Allianz Life ULIP products through a 360-degree campaign – across the digital platform with #InvestBefikar
  • Amplify #InvestBefikar to increase brand recognition, consideration, & preference for Bajaj Allianz Life ULIP products.
  • Drive engagement on Social & Digital media through tactical activations & content marketing.

The Strategy/Execution

Our new product, Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain was launched on the 22nd of June 2017. The campaign ran across online & offline platforms to increase reach and scope of the campaign. We carried out various activities to create a buzz. This was a 360-degree integrated digital strategy which covered a Bloggers’ Outreach Program, a Trending Campaign on Twitter, & Facebook Promotions with carefully deliberated creative conceptions.

Throughout this entire campaign, we tried to build an online-offline connect. We invited bloggers at the launch event and simultaneously executed the online campaign using social media channels. Bloggers were equally involved in participating in our online efforts as well.

Teasers & pre-event blog posts were created to create amplify their share of voice before the launch of the product. The product was unveiled at a Bloggers’ Meet on 22nd June at St. Regis in Mumbai. Going beyond the traditional media conference and upholding the digital connect, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance reached out to esteemed finance & lifestyle bloggers and invited them to be a part of the Blogger’s Meet where the product was showcased. 25 bloggers were a part of the launch.

The thought behind choosing the bloggers was to reach out to a maximum number of people located in different cities & to educate them to invest their money wisely. These bloggers helped us spread the word about the campaign #InvestBefikar in a holistic manner.

On the day of the launch, we introduced an interactive investment game for the bloggers to sustain the momentum of the #IfsOfLife campaign. The bloggers we divided into groups and they had to make wise investment decisions to secure their #IfsOfLife and thus #InvestBefikar for their future. A simultaneous Twitter trending campaign was organized for the bloggers and the audience at large.

Simultaneously, we also uploaded self-explanatory animated product videos on YouTube. The video featured the concepts of the campaign and showcased the Future Wealth Gain plan as a comprehensive protection plan. The videos were promoted on all our social media handles.

The Twitter & Facebook campaign were divided into 3 rounds:

Round 1 – #InvestBefikar GIF Games – We put out two GIFs, participants had to take screenshots of the hashtag #InvestBefikar in both the GIF games and share.

Round 2 – #InvestBefikar Product Q&A Round – Here we launched a product video where the participants had to tweet & retweet their answers along with the video. The participants were directed to our YouTube page to watch the video and submit their answers.

Round 3 – #InvestBefikar Mantra – 4 different people, 4 different stories, 1 #InvestBefikar mantra. We introduced 4 videos of 4 unique individuals and asked the participants to share their #InvestBefikar mantra based on the video stories.


Key results on the day of launch of Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain plan

  • 38 tweets from our Twitter handle with #InvestBefikar
  • 14,615 hashtag mentions, 13,729 total engagement, 78,109,900 impressions, & 145 new followers on Twitter
  • 4,77,190 impressions, 9,728 total engagement, and a total reach of 3,76,399 on Facebook
  • #InvestBefikar trended on Twitter for nearly four hours
  • 25 blogs posts endorsing Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain plan
  • Pre-event blog by one of our bloggers was a top voted article on IndiBlogger.


The impact of the campaign was measured using IncPot, our in-house social media listening & monitoring tool. The tool monitored Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance’s presence across social platforms by analyzing insurance & campaign related keywords and hashtags. In addition to this, we also used Facebook & Twitter analytics to measure the impact of the campaign on social networking sites.

Engaging with bloggers from different genres also helped us capture different responses and understand different needs and viewpoints around #InvestBefikar.