[Case Study] How Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance & Webenza’s Defeat The Tax Monster Season-2 Used Content Marketing To Generate Leads

Nearly 737 leads were generated organically through financial calculators and interactive games, 857 leads from affiliate marketing, Facebook lead cards, re-targeting and programmatic display ads


The Client

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd is one of India’s leading private Life Insurance companies. Bajaj Allianz has a strong product portfolio and caters to all kinds of customer needs from ULIPs to Child plans, to various other life insurance products.

The Agency

Webenza is one of the leading digital agencies in India serving brands such as Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Schneider Electric, Kurl-on, Manipal Hospitals, Prestige Group, Featherlite Furniture, Nitesh Estates among 50 other brands across industries with services spread across social, digital, mobile, analytics, performance, creative technology & communication.

Identified objectives

  • To leverage the success of Tax Monster season-1
  • To amplify visibility, engagement and awareness for the brand on all social and digital platforms
  • Positioning life insurance as a tax saving tool and to build brand recall
  • To drive thought leadership and generate 1000 + leads

Problem Statement

Lack of awareness and education among consumers with regards to multiple financial instruments for saving Income Tax. Tax saving instruments usually are perceived as a serious entity by the audience. To overcome this challenge, we needed to build a fun and interactive campaign on digital and social media.


The central theme of the campaign was inspired by the quintessential Bollywood villain, a character called the ‘Tax Monster’, who is a personification of the much-hated taxes. Defeat the Tax Monster season-2 was released as a sequel to the first season (Watch Defeat the Tax Monster season 1 case study here). This season looked out for new ways of execution with more creative and innovative tactics.

Campaign Life Cycle – The campaign ran in three phases:

a) Tax Monster Returns - Teasers and trailers of Tax Monster’s entry at that time of the year

b) Tax Monster Invades - Influence of Tax Monster on an individual through real life scenarios

c) Defeat The Tax Monster – Tips, tricks and ways to save tax

Landing Page: An intuitive landing page was built with an objective of getting the target audience to explore the ways they can save tax and the various investment options that Bajaj Allianz Life offers.

Social Media Strategy: A thoughtful series of communication educating the target audience about the campaign objective. Bollywood style, the communication tone was structured to appeal to the right target audience i.e. the salaried individuals in the age group of 18 to 45. This character communicated with the audience in a typical cinema lingo – peppered with a liberal mix of humor and the legendary dialogues of famous villains.

Community Engagement: Apart from the regular communication on the official social media pages, we created several new assets for the brand, starting from Infographics to GIFs, short videos, tax calculators and Whack the Tax Monster game.

The Tax Monster Campaign was aimed at encouraging internet savvy salaried individuals in the country to secure their families’ standard of living and future financial goals by buying life insurance and save tax at the same time. Tax Monster, a filmy character who eats up the hard earned money of all, appeared in various Bollywood characters on the Facebook page of the Company and “threatened” people to eat into their hard-earned money during December 2015 till March 2016.

Engagement centric communication that helped change the perception of audience

#TaxMonsterReturns: Singham Returns, Batman returns and so does the Tax Monster! The campaign kick-started with the buzz of that time of the year. A Twitter engagement activity was run asking the audience to tell the world about #TaxMonsterReturns in filmy style.

#TaxGiri: A fun way of presenting tax trivia, rules and reforms from around the world.

InvesTales: InvesTales, following the famous format of the tiny tales in the space of finance and insurance. These stories were spun around insurance and investment terms. The series also plugged in products in the tales.

Appu-Pappu Series: Appu-Pappu series, where 2 of our characters Appu and Pappu are shown having a conversation around wise investments and investment products. Appu is an investment expert who keeps giving financial advices to Pappu who is unaware of financial concepts. This series is to basically educate and create awareness amongst our customers with respect to topics like Life Insurance and financial planning through life insurance products.

Minimal Poster Series: During the campaign 3 minimal poster series were done.

Bajaj Tax monster posters

The 1st series #PeechaNahiChhodega was during the launch phase of the campaign highlighting the things that won’t let an individual live in peace followed by #TaxMonsterReturns. The 2nd minimalist design was done welcoming the new year. The Idea being #AnotherYear gone by, and people still keep thinking, planning & debating about the things, yet don’t take necessary steps towards securing it. The 3rd series of posters was done to raise awareness about the #RoadSafetyWeek. The message was given out in form of smart copies.

GIFs: Brand ventured into some new and interesting ways of putting up the content. GIFs being one of them.

A GIF series where we showcased the struggle between a salaried individual and Tax Monster with emphasis on the message about healthy investments.


Brand and Product centric communication

Interactive Calculators: Online calculators put up on the website were promoted on social media.

The Income Tax calculator helped calculate the tax liability for the year, with its simplified tax calculation. It was an initiative to increase Tax Saving awareness.

Child Future Planner Calculator was presented with the objective of ensuring a bright and shinning future for the children by calculating the expenses and saving appropriately for them.

Future Expense Calculator was introduced to help the users know how to beat Inflation and maintain the purchasing power of the rupee by knowing the future value of the expenses they incur present day.

Infographics: Infographics were used to engage the audience by asking questions from the infograph and redirecting them to BALIC’s Knowledge Capsules Page. The infographic “Various Tax Saving Instruments Under Section 80 C” was used for Tasty Tax Platter contest. The infographic “Common Money Management mistakes salaried professionals make was used for Money Matters Contest. Another infographic was about “Why you need ULIPs to supplement your PPF and PF investments.

#InvestBefikar Twitter engagement: Another successful story was trending #InvestBefikar to sensitize people on investing in a ULIP with assured return and become worry-free which was tied up to the launch of Bajaj Allianz Life Principal Gain Product.

User Generated Content: The major portion of the campaign success was driven by the users, as they helped share the communication in their social circles, as the theme resonated well with them. We came up with various user engagement contests during the campaign. Some of them are highlighted below:

#BefikarResolution contest - An engagement activity organized on social media to receive variety of entries from audience and the most creative New Year resolution would win exciting prizes.

#TastyTaxPlatter – Our infographic ‘Tasty Tax Platter’ where we highlighted the best ways to save tax under section 80C of the Income Tax Act. We also came up with a contest ‘TastyTaxPlatter’ to promote the infographic.

#KheloHoliBefikar contest – Photograph sharing contest on Instagram.

#MoneyMatters contest – A contest to promote our infographic around common money management mistakes that salaried individuals make.


Whack the Tax Monster Game – After putting out a series of teasers the game, ‘WhackTheTaxMonster’ was launched on 15th of March and ran successfully till the end of the campaign.

Brand explored an innovative idea to engage with the audience with Dubsmash. We launched #DubTaxSmash - a 3-week long contest, executed in 3 phases, each phase depicting the usual scenario of a working professional during the tax season.

An entirely GIF based contest (Questions were asked in the GIF format). The 2nd phase of the contest drove the traffic towards Whack the Tax Monster game.

Leveraging special days during the campaign

A series of 15 seconder videos was done throughout the campaign highlighting the campaign phases and festivals. Theme being Bollywood, famous Bollywood scenes, dialogues and songs have been used to create these.

Valentine’s Day was celebrated by launching a short video where we had shown Tax Monster romancing his one and only love, money. Holi video was another 15 seconder which was much appreciated.

Extra activities during the campaign

  • Series of Christmas Trivia “Did you know” posters from around the world.
  • Posts around special events like World Cancer Day, World Health Day, World Water Day, Holi, other festival posts, etc.
  • A poster series on less known interesting facts around Union Budget. Live tweets and updates around Union Budget 2016-17.
  • Video and posts on International Women’s Day, #MeriLifePlanner.


  • Defeat the Tax Monster campaign resulted in substantial improvement in the company’s social media presence. The  video of Tax Monster Returns received 13,15,623 views. While on Facebook, total impressions during this campaign stood at 1,58,93,907 with 2,30,334 of newly added fans.
  • Twitter saw 18,31,313 impressions with 21,643 new followers, Instagram witnessed 2,352 engagements which were much higher than the previous year. Followers acquired on Instagram during the campaign were 151 and LinkedIn 425.
  • #TaxMonsterReturns was trending for more than 4 hours, sustaining #1 for an hour, gaining 257 followers,  #InvestBefikar trended for more than 3 hours gaining 423 followers on Twitter. #DefeatTheTaxMonster was mentioned in 5,689 Tweets and trended for 4 hours.  Total hashtag  mentions were 29,739.
  • #DubTaxSmash activity received 1,100 unique entries (Dubsmash videos) in 3 phases.
  • Aligning the branding campaign with the lead generation angle was another feather in the cap. Qualified Leads generated during the campaign through affiliate marketing, Facebook lead cards, re-targeting and programmatic display ads were 857, and 737 leads generated organically through financial calculators and interactive games.

Here’s the case study video: