How Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Leveraged Content Marketing Meaningfully To Build Awareness For Its New Schemes During Tax Season

Case study of Bajaj Allianz 'Defeat the Tax monster' where the insurance brand created a Tax monster' character for educating followers about ways of saving tax, while creating awareness for its new schemes


Tax season is a trying time for the working class. It is dreadful to know that after all the hard work you’ve done in the financial year, you will have to part with a little of your income as taxes to the government. So any little information to save on your taxes is a welcome one. How about being able to defeat the tax monster and emerge victorious with this knowledge?

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, one of the leading private sector insurance companies in India embarked on a three-month-long digital campaign to inform working individuals on different ways of saving tax, the most important one being ‘Life Insurance’. The central character of the campaign is the ‘Tax Monster’, a personification of the much-hated taxes.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance teamed up with Bangalore-based digital agency, Webenza to craft a long-term strategy spanning the brand’s various social media properties. The primary purpose of which was to debunk common tax issues an individual faces and bring the doom and the dismay of the tax season to an end.

Firstly, the ‘Tax Monster’ was conceived to personify a tax payers dread during tax season. To make him an appealing monster, Bollywood was brought into play. The Tax Monster was a Bollywood fan who communicated in a Bollywood tone. A series of visual teasers introduced the Tax Monster on social media and contests maintained fan engagement.

This was followed up by sharing Tax Trivia called as the #TaxGiri series. The idea was to inform as well as involve the community around tax trivia.

An online Tax Calculator app was introduced to let followers calculate their payable tax. Soon came tax saving tips or investment tips under #BefikarTips and the Ctrl S series. The brand also made use of SlideShare to share content about tax saving. #PictureAbhiBakiHai let users come up with ideas to overcome said situations put up by the brand. Visuals explaining a person’s dilemma invited users to share their tips, now that they have been well informed themselves. This was amplified by the #SabseBadiFikar contest asking followers to share their biggest worry.

Along with the informative videos shared on its YouTube page, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance also created a Facebook game called ‘Defeat the Tax Monster’; the Facebook app added the much-needed interactivity to the campaign. The purpose of the game was to shoot the Tax Monster out of your life and save your money.

The insurance brand also leveraged cricket season with the ICC world cup series with an array of contests like #PaisaVasool moment, #MaukePechauka moment and #Befikar moment. Cricket jargon was shared as interesting visuals. Furthermore, occasions like Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day and Holi were also leveraged to add more spice to the campaign. The activities covered a series of minimal posters for Valentine’s Day, along with contests like #WorryFreeMoment, #HERoInMyLife.

And, while at sharing all these content pieces, the brand built awareness for its Fortune Gain and Future Gain schemes.

Fun. Interactive. Goal-Oriented

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is one of those insurance brands that have been active when it comes to digital marketing. With this content-driven strategy, the brand has meaningfully leveraged tax season for business gains, especially when the first quarter is always ridden with a multitude of new insurance schemes. ‘Defeat the tax monster’ has the right mix of relatability and simplicity for a digital awareness campaign.

The investment into the concept, the visuals and interactivity over a period of time has helped the insurance brand build a friendly image as well as promote its new schemes in a fun way.

Numbers do the talking

The campaign got Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance more takers for the Fortune Gain and Future Gain schemes. This is how the numbers stacked:

  • 68,920 new fans on Facebook & 14,384 followers on Twitter
  • 227,382 users engaged with the brand creating a whopping 673,996 impressions!
  • #TaxMonster and #PictureAbhiBaakiHai had 2,413 & 5,471 mentions respectively
  • 3,938 enthusiastic players shot the Tax Monster


  • Regular content pieces (Insurance related) when clubbed with current happenings (Valentines’ Day, Union Budget or Cricket World Cup) garnered the best results
  • Gamification helped in driving more engagement, giving a platform to the enthusiastic participants
  • Choosing the right hashtag resulted in generating more traction even to the simplest of activities
  • Digital assets like Tax Calculator and product tabs turned out to be most visited and a useful property for our audience

Here’s the Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance ‘Defeat the Tax monster’ case study video: