How Baggit’s #PlayTheLifeGame Rebranding Campaign Establishes Its New Identity On Digital

Baggit's rebranding campaign 'Play the Life Game' has created a series of interactive videos for each of its new bags in the SS15 collection, while inviting viewers to play the life game

Baggit play the life game

Baggit is undoubtedly one of the most popular handbag maker in the country. Hunting down Baggit sales for that exclusive pick of designer handbags was some achievement in our days, especially when the market only offered expensive bags from Hidesign, the other well-known leather accessories brand. Launched in 1985, Baggit offered unique designs in faux leather and the most trendy colours in a world cluttered with poor quality non brands.

But now the 30-year-old handbag brand needed to renew itself in the face of stiff competition from multiple imported brands as well as branded, affordable Indian brands. Baggit needed a brand revamp to appeal to the new generation.

Last month, the handbag maker launched its rebranding campaign titled ‘Play The Life Game’ alongside its new Spring/Summer Collection for 2015. The new tagline is a reflection of the brand voice which is ‘freedom of expression’, a celebration of the contemporary Indian woman who is naughty, feisty, liberated, adventurous, carefree, daring, and limitless, said the press statement.

This philosophy has also been weaved into the brand’s Spring/Summer Collection for which it has chosen a variety of materials, textures and prints, along with a palette of vibrant hues to reflect the varying moods and emotions of their various audiences.

Play the life game

The rebranding campaign is leveraging print, outdoor and digital media to spread the word. On digital, the brand began by releasing a few teasers asking  ‘Are you ready to play?’ prior to the main campaign on social networks. This was then followed by sharing visuals for each of the personality traits being celebrated, showcasing that the new S/S ’15 collection has a bag for all types.

Then there are tweets about how one can play the life game with the range of satchels, sling bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and more from the S/S’15 collection. Shockingly, there are no pictures of the said bags!

baggit_tweetsSimilar visuals have been shared on the Baggit Facebook page and Instagram page.

UPDATE: Baggit has contacted to inform us that the digital launch for ‘Play the Life Game’ was scheduled for May 9, a day prior to our review. Here, we revisit all that is in store on the digital front for the campaign:

Baggit has created a website for ‘Play the life game‘ which features the new SS 15 collection. The site offers a ‘Buy’ button to directly place your order from the Baggit website. Viewers have been being asked to nominate their friends who are in any of the moods like daring, fiesty, naughty, etc. And a video has been created to go with each of the moods, hence seven videos in all.

The Baggit YouTube channel now houses a host of interactive videos that showcase each of the bags in the new collection and what mood they would go with. A girl wakes up in the morning, receives a few texts and is up to dress up for the day, and voila there’s a new Baggit bag to match her mood every day!

These videos were shared on Twitter and Facebook, while calling women to share what mood they were in. Women on Twitter shared their favourites from the fiesty to the selfish while nominating their social connections on the network. As a result of which, the campaign hashtag #PlayTheLifeGame trended on the day of the digital launch.

[UPDATED] Digital media for a meaningful buzz

There seems to be no difference in the manner of marketing for the different mediums. The print ads, the outdoor hoardings and the same visuals shared on Baggit’s social media properties, is what we can sum up as the marketing mix for ‘Play the life game’. For a rebranding campaign with an assertive message like ‘Play the life game’, the brand has a lot of scope on digital and social media, a place comprising a majority of its target group - the contemporary Indian woman who is naughty, feisty, liberated, adventurous, carefree, daring, and limitless.

Baggit could have played well to this new tagline, and leveraged the medium for its two-way communication rather than using its social media assets as broadcast media. There is absolutely no effort in engaging consumers via social media, just a hoard of stylish visuals and the hashtag #PlayTheLifeGame make up for spreading the word on social media.

Baggit has played well to its new tagline. Inviting women to ‘Play the life game’ and nominate their friends based on the mood they are in, helped create a relevant buzz on social media, one that builds awareness on the new Baggit SS15 collection as well as promote sales amongst its target audience - the social savvy young woman of every mood.

The creation of videos for each of the moods tells you Baggit has a bag to match with every mood, while social nominations has sure helped promote the new collection. Moreover, the website with its instant buy button completes the digital cycle, an essential step by which interest in a product can be converted into sales.

Last month, Caprese, the ladies handbags brand from VIP launched its Spring Summer collection for 2015 with a fun social media campaign across Facebook and Twitter. It invited women to play stylist for the Caprese Girl; they needed to suggest her bags from the new collection by browsing through its website. Winners could win brand merchandise.

Additionally, Caprese also teamed up with fashion bloggers to blog about their favourite bags from the Caprese SS’15 collection. The campaign not only managed to appeal to its target group of fashion conscious women but also built awareness for the new collection and got consumers one step closer to buying their favourite bag. Read “The New Caprese Campaign Makes Smart Use Of Social Media To Drive Awareness (& Probably Sales)“.

Baggit has lost out on an opportunity to build and engage its fan base, as well as establish its new rebranded identity on digital

Going further, Baggit could associate with fashion bloggers to reach out to their online communities, thus building product awareness for a more niche fashion conscious TG. Nevertheless, Baggit’s rebranding campaign is taking the right steps on digital and helping to establish its new tagline -Play the life game.