Gift Vouchers To Your Friends On Facebook [Review]

A review of facebook app that lets you gift your friends and families in a smart way

badhai social gifting

Remembering friend’s birthdays is a tough task for my brain and gifting is another one. Thankfully, Facebook has made remembering birthdays and wishing them a lot easier but gifting still remains a pain. Even if you collect the patience to buy a gift from a website then either the gift will not be sent on time or your friend might not like it. But what if you have a Facebook app that displays all the friends whose birthdays are in a weeks time and allows you to send them gifts? The most interesting thing is that the gifts are vouchers, which your friends can redeem in common places such as malls, restaurants, etc. Isn’t this a smart way of making your friends feel special? is one such startup that is actually doing this.

About Badhai Facebook App

Badhai has created a Facebook app in addition to gifting vouchers via website. After authentication, the app directs you to it’s website where it has sourced all your friends who have a birthday in the next seven days. For example, the below screen grab lists all my friends who have a birthday in the next week along with friends who have a birthday today.

Badhai facebook app

Once you click on the friend whom you want to gift, you are directed to the page where you provide the details for the gift to be delivered. Along with the address details and the amount that you want to gift, you have an option to select the occasion for the gift or you can add your own category to the list. The gift is delivered via SMS and email. You can see this in the below screen grab:

bahai gift details

The email that is sent to your friend is customizable and you can add your message too. In addition to this, Badhai has scheduling features available so that you can schedule them at a future date.

How cool is the app?

Badhai definitely solves a problem and the integration of Facebook is a smart move, considering it to be the most popular social network. The app also has taken care of issues such as informing the user when she selects a friend based out in a foreign country since Badhai is effective only in India for now. Also, Badhai is active in quite a number of cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Agra, Agartala, Pondicherry, etc. and also has tied up with a number of brands like Flipkart, Inkfruit, Big Bazaar, etc. This will definitely give it the extra push to be a successful name in the coming days.

Additionally, Badhai should think of integrating LinkedIn in the future as gifting to office colleagues could be a smart solution to this common problem.

Definitely the next time I wish to gift any of my friends or family members, I am going to give Badhai a try. Are you excited about Badhai? Do let us know your experience if you have used it.