‘A Bad Girl’ Meme On Facebook Sparks ‘Good Girls’ Trend On Twitter

With habits of bad girl visual going viral on social media, Twitter is having fun over good and bad girls, while trending Good Girls.

In a society that questions a girl when she is raped rather than questioning the culprit, a visual describing the habits of a bad girl isn’t a big surprise. Following the foot steps of the viral cultural spoof Adarsh Balak (An ideal boy), the visual titled ‘A Bad Girl’ which lists 12 habits that transforms a girl into a bad girl has gone viral on social media - Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

It was earlier this week when my Facebook feed informed me about the visual that talks about the 12 bad habits of a girl - one who pouts, smokes, eats too much, can’t make round rotis, eats too less, goes to Goa, falls in love in a park and above all has breasts.

In the last few days the visual has become a rage on social media. It also found its way on Twitter, thanks to  @Joylita who tweeted it out on Wednesday.

As of now “Good Girls” is trending on Twitter, with users having a laugh over what bad girls do, in other words what girls should avoid if they want to be a good girl.

Twitter has gone crazy with girls having a blast, describing how bad they are while matching their habits with the visual “habits of bad girl.”

And Twitter comedians join the party… rest of the trend is now a fight between bad and good girls

Twitter never fails to amuse!