Inside The Step-By-Step Introductory Guide Video Of Babajob. And It Isn’t Boring

Ankit Mishra, Creative Head at Babajob talks about the objective, video making process and why it is becoming a success already


When was the last time you watched a complete introductory video of an organisation? I don’t recall seeing any company video for the simple reason that they are fake, story telling is all about laurels by good looking models. Does the company inspire? At least it won’t with such introductory videos.

Life is also tough for growing organizations who want to reach out to their audiences to share who they are, what they do and show the inherent company culture to hire the best people. Babajob had faced the problem until some time now.

Bengaluru-based job portal for the blue-collared and grey-collared market has expanded a lot in past few months from expanding to hiring key people from the industry. This also meant that the company had to hire people for multiple roles but the biggest challenge was lack of visibility and people had no knowing what the company was all about. But reaching out to today’s generation armed with an age old introductory guide won’t work.

Babajob – A step by step introduction video

To overcome the challenge Babajob decided to launch its first major digital marketing campaign with a 4-minute video at its center. “We are in a continuous process of discovering and building what Babajob stands for. We want to be livelihood enablers for the country focusing on the semi-formal sector. While this is the first major digital marketing campaign for us, it is also the first in a series of steps we will undertake to find a place in the hearts and minds of our consumers,” informed Ankit Mishra, Creative Director at Babajob in an email conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Here is the video that not only relooks at the introductory videos created by organizations, but also makes a point to talk about the team and the culture of the company. From explaining what Babajob is in the most simplest way to introducing the teams, the team does a great job that needs to be watched. Mumbai based filmmaker Sukriti Tyagi and her crew shot the video in two days at the Babajob Bengaluru office.

Video is the core of the campaign, as it also happens to be the core reason for the digital marketing drive. Sharing more on the creative aspect of the video creation, Ankit elaborated that most of the behaviors and insights shown in the video are derived from the work culture at Babajob. The scripting was a collaborative effort between the creative and HR teams along with the filmmaker.

“We were very clear right from the start that this had to be quite different from other ‘About Us’/corporate videos out there. It needed to show our personality as a company to work for. Getting the right people to work for us was the core objective behind all the creativity. Being big fans of the work done by Wes Andersen also helped.”

Long format video storytelling

Looking at 2015 and the early 2016 trends we know that long format video storytelling is in demand (Read: Visual Content Trends For 2016 As Predicted By Creative Heads). Last year we have seen enough brands walking the same path with humor as one of the main ingredient in the storytelling (Read: 25 Awesome Long Format Ad Films By Indian Brands In 2015). But at the same time we have seen long form videos failing to hold the viewer for more than a minute.

Talking on the long format video story telling, Ankit said the length of the film was never in mind, but the focus was on the impact that it should create. “Humor and pace was something we arrived at along the way. One key guardrail we imposed that at every point, the story had to move forward. We felt that if we achieved the perfect mix of speed and clarity of thought, the length of the film would not be a challenge.”

Babita Baruah, Sr. Vice President and Head, PO1 Unit, J Walter Thompson, Delhi had echoed similar thoughts in a guest post for Lighthouse Insights.

“It is not about whether a long duration works, but whether the piece is captivating enough to retain our increasingly short attention span, across screens. To that extent, a 5 seconder can have the same impact as a 10 minute long creation.”

In addition to the video, the team at Babajob is integrating Snapchat for the campaign. The process is really simple - one needs to add ‘Babajob’ on Snapchat. Once you are ‘friends’ with Babajob on Snapchat, you can send a question in the form of a video/photo with caption and the team will get the answers from the CXOs.

Babajob nails branded video

Branded videos have become the holy grail of content marketing in recent times. However the success or failure of it boils down to brand clarity, good story, and great execution. The team at Babajob understands it very well and it is evident in the video. “We didn’t want to fall in the trap of making a video just for the sake of it.”

The efforts are already showing up notifies Ankit. “We have already started getting a bunch of really good resumes because of this video and that is a great feeling.” Starting up with digital, offline is also going to play a big part in the marketing mix for Babajob. However, Ankit is tight-lipped about any of the company’s future marketing plans.

Anyways, for now if you are considering about making a new introductory video for your company then this Babajob video should be a handy guide.