BA India #VisitMum Video Crosses 687 Thousand Views In Two Weeks

The promotional video created by British Airways India as part of its #VisitMum campaign has received more than 687 thousand views within 2 weeks of being uploaded

Remember the British Airways promotional video with an Indian mother and son reuniting after many years? That video film has garnered more than 687K views on YouTube within two weeks of being uploaded. The film was released as the first part of an online campaign called ‘Visit Mum’ that has been launched to promote the premium airline’s route network between India and the United States.

The five minute film begins with a real mother in India talking about how much she misses her son in America, who has been living in New York City since 17. During the course of the film, she cooks her son’s favourite childhood meal ‘Bhindi (okra) parantha‘ for BA to fly to him in New York, but ends up being surprised when BA brings her son instead!

Launched as part of British Airways’ India VFR (visiting family and relatives) focus, the campaign is targeted at expats and people with family members living in the United States. BA has created a microsite for ‘Visit Mum‘ that will also feature Indian recipes from various mothers whose stories will be highlighted through this campaign. For now, it displays the ‘bhindi’ recipe of this mum, in addition to the many perks of taking a BA flight to India.

Apart from YouTube, British Airways has leveraged popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, however these are not India specific pages, but the BA global social media pages. Prior to releasing the ad film, a bunch of teasers were shared on the BA Facebook page, beginning with the picture of the mother in India, and about how the airlines created a beautiful memory for her and her son in NYC.

Post sharing the film, the updates have been promoting the 2-day #visitmum sale where one can get discounted tickets to India. With #VisitMum, BA takes an emotional route to lure the India-bound traveller and also times it well with the festive season round the corner.