#DoYourHomework - Axis Mutual Fund’s Experimental Video Assigns Homework To Parents

76% of parents weren't sure if they would support their kid if he/she opts for a different career choice than theirs. With #DoYourHomework Axis Mutual Fund is preparing parents to support their child's dreams


Ask any parent, what’s their primary apprehension and concern? Without a doubt, it’ll be their child’s education and the expenses due to it. To understand parents’ biggest concerns and what’s on their mind when it comes to career choices for children, Nielsen was commissioned to do a study across 10 cities covering 1000 parents who have children between the age group of 4 and 12 years.

The results weren’t shocking – for 83% of parents children’s education is the top apprehension and 77% consider education expenses to be the top concern about their child’s future. Interestingly, career choices are the second most concern for Indian parents (68%).


And that’s why only 1/4th of the parents prefer unconventional careers for their children. The most preferred career choices are engineer, followed by medicine and civil service. However, only 15% showed interest if their child pursues something not as per their expectations and a staggering 76% were not sure if they would support their child.

It isn’t surprising, especially in a society which looks at engineers and doctors as meritorious professions in comparison to artists and writers!

Axis Mutual Fund, one of the top mutual fund investment company in India saw this as an opportunity. It decided on an investor education campaign to create awareness among parents on the need to plan for their children’s future. The Nielsen study was, in fact, carried out by Axis Mutual Fund. “Today children have innumerable career options. While the choice is theirs, parents need to support their children. They need to be prepared, both emotionally and financially to fulfill their children’s aspiration.”

The brand launched a 360 degree campaign - Do Your Homework, wherein Axis Mutual Fund is asking parents to first find out if they are on the same page with their children regarding their career choices, and also think on how they are planning their finances to meet their child’s aspirations.

Do Your Homework video

To start with the brand created an experimental video. The idea was to bring parents and children under one roof and ask both of them individually on their career choices. Executed in a creative way, children were asked to draw a picture of what they would like to become in future while parents were asked to paint what they would like their children to become in future. Obviously, parents had no interaction before this exercise and the results were interesting.

At the end of the experiment, parents and children were asked to reveal their ideas. Parents were a bit shocked and took a while to digest the fact that their child had completely different career ambitions. As shown in the studies most parents wanted their child to be an engineer, a scientist, a teacher but their children wanted to be bakers, artists, and much more.

The 2 and half minute video that has fetched 850K views on YouTube, ends with this brand message – “Children today have innumerable career options. Whatever they choose to be, you need to be prepared.”

#DoYourHomework on Social Media

On social media the brand extended the core message of the campaign by launching a website (www.doyourhomework.in), along with an app which allowed parents to calculate the future cost of education across multiple career options in multiple countries.

The bright portal starts with a simple question: Are you and your kid on the same page when it comes to career choices? Post a ‘Yes/No’ option the website invites you to do the homework task which is preparing yourself and giving a rough estimate for your kid’s education. Played in a very simple Q&A format, after you answer few questions the portal shows an estimated cost that you need to save to support your child’s career dream. These would also require financial help and investments, at this point you can fill up the required details and Axis Mutual Fund representatives would get in touch.

Under the same theme, the brand has been busy sharing interesting creative visuals on social media.

On social media the brand also asked parents to do this fun experiment with their kids at home. The parents were asked to share their experience (images) on the brand’s social channels using #DoYourHomework. #DoYourHomework was also successful in becoming a national trend on Twitter.

Axis_Mutual_Fund_Mobile_appAdditionally, a mobile app was developed to imitate the website features. Using the mobile app you can check the brand video and at the same time play the homework task of securing your kid’s educational future.

In short you can do everything that is available on the website, which questions the uniqueness of the mobile app.

The brand also created books to inspire children by way of short stories of different professions and tied-up with Crossword Bookstores and KidZania.

The Crossword activity was conducted in 17 stores across 7 cities, and activity at KidZania was held in Mumbai. The campaign went outdoors with hoardings and bus shelters across 9 metros in India.

Effective storytelling meets good execution

It is a fact that even today parents in India take the majority of decisions in their child’s life from education, to profession to marriage, and even kids. While the country is abuzz on our newfound startup culture, children are usually groomed or compelled to pursue a heavy package driven profession, that is society-approved too. Nielsen’s study only gives numbers and adds perspective to this age old mindset.

At the same time, Axis Mutual Fund has found a smart brand connect via #DoYourHomework campaign. Not only is it trying to change a dominant behavior of the society but also enabling parents to plan early for their child’s education. The experimental video is a cool exercise in parenting in the new age; it triggers parents to spare a thought on what’s important to them – their own dream for their child or their child’s personal dream?

The digital and social media promotions further tie up neatly with the 360 degree campaign. It remains to be seen whether Axis Mutual Fund can change this behavior but with #DoYourHomework, it has certainly found a sweet spot as the enabler in a parent’s life’s biggest concern, while aligning business goals.