Axis Bank Opens Customer Support On Facebook

A look at the new customer support Facebook application by Axis Bank

Axis bank

Beginning the last quarter of 2012, I had a chance to evaluate the social media presence of Axis Bank, India’s third largest private sector bank. At that time, Axis had created an interesting application on its Facebook page that scans your picture and recommends you MYcards, which are customised credit cards from Axis. Although the bank has been quite eager and creative with promoting its new products on social media, there was no method to address customer grievances. The Axis Bank Facebook page served as a platform of advertisement majorly, along with the Twitter page to supplement it. So, today I was pleasantly surprised to know about the Axis Bank customer support application on its Facebook page.

The app called ‘Customer support’ is an open one; you do not have to ‘like’ the page to be able to access it. It looks more like a community forum and has a basic form categorised under 4 tabs: Ask a question, Share an idea, Report a problem and Give praise. The tabs - as the names suggest - serve for basic inquiries, collection of ideas, reporting of issues and kudos for the bank, however users have been mixing up with their categories at times.


I clicked on the ‘Give Praise’ tab and entered my compliments on setting up this new customer support initiative on Facebook, before clicking on ‘continue’. The app then asked if this matched with any of the listed entries, though I’m not sure what purpose does this solve. I declined and proceeded further entering a topic to the description. The app works like a forum with various threads of communication categorised under the main 4 areas.

Below the app, one can see all the questions, problems and ideas posted along with replies and discussions. Presently, there are 192 topics posted by 190 people with similar queries posted by multiple users. Also, most replies reroute to the phone banking numbers of the bank, and do not provide a solution to the question posted.

This is a common customer service app powered by Involver and Get Satisfaction and has been used by ecommerce companies on their Facebook page. But, no other bank in India has created such a dedicated customer support forum on Facebook.

Nevertheless, Axis has taken a step in the right direction and as these are early days for the bank, we will have to wait and watch the progress and response of this new initiative on Facebook. After all, it’s ‘Badthi ka naam zindagi‘!