Axis Bank Facebook App Meri Zindagi Ka Safar

An article talking about the Axis Bank Facebook App 'Meri Zindagi Ka Safar'

Axis bank which is India’s third largest private sector bank is repositioning with a new tagline ‘Badhti ka naam zindagi’ from the old one ‘Aapka solution’, sporting the new philosophy of being encouraging partners in the journey of our life as opposed to being a solution provider earlier.

Along with a TVC reflecting the new philosophy, the brand has also launched an app on the Facebook page called ‘Meri Zindagi ka Safar’as per an article in Best Media Info. Going by the app name, it sure deserved a look.

I visited their Facebook page to be welcomed by Meri Zindagi ka Safar page - Simple, appealing and had the required emotional connect. It is based on the idea that we grow as a person with every travel we undertake, be it for education, holidays, or maybe work experience. It requested for  a ‘like’ but I went to the page titled ‘Meri Zindagi ka Safar’and on clicking the ‘Start reliving the journey’ button, I was taken to an app that had clear instructions.

First, I had to mark my birthplace on the map and then proceed with other locations as my  life took me. The app would automatically calculate the distance my life’s journey has taken so far. This sounded exciting as I’ve never been for long at any one place. I started off with Haldia where I was born, then all the places I have been for education, work or vacation and then back to Pune where I live now. As per the smart app, I have travelled an enormous distance of 27,324 kms till date!

Meri Zindagi ka Safar Facebook app

The app has tools like clear the map, clear last point, save and share. Sharing with my friends is a cool move. I can share my travel distance and invite my friends to calculate their Zindagi ka Safar too. A few things that stood out for me:

  • The app is well defined in its objective – Badhti ka naam zindagi, wherein success is not just a goal anymore, but in finding joy with every little travel experience.
  • The app follows Facebook guidelines. It displayed the content prior to posting when I selected the share tool.
  • It’s a unique concept as everyone would be interested to know about themselves in terms of the journeys they have taken so far.
  • Simple association of the tagline with an app you can keep coming back to, is appealing to me. I like the fact that they did not launch a contest or something to promote the new philosophy. Sometimes, letting your fans have a good time socializing on your page is enough.

However, I’m unclear as to why the landing page is there if all it had to do was tell you to like the page. They could have given a button which links to the app.

Banks are getting closer to you; they are trying to be friends with you. And what better place to build friendship than Facebook. Every so often, we come across new contests or apps being launched purely to let fans have a good time and associate the bank to a certain kind of friend they have, rather than being financial advisors or salesmen.

Some time back, ICICI had started a Facebook  page that also enabled you to check your account through Facebook. However, this got mixed responses from fans. So I assume the day won’t be far when most Indians on Facebook will have an equal number of brands as they have friends on Facebook. But till then, brands have to learn to be social.