AXE Shower Gel Interactive YouTube Campaign Shows History In the Making

The latest YouTube campaign from AXE focuses on how AXE men have changed the course of history, after using AXE Shower Gel


Product launches on social media are getting commonplace. But, some are getting interactive too. Last year we witnessed some of the best interactive campaigns and the latest AXE Shower Gel campaign moves one step further. The male grooming product - consisting of body sprays, deodorants, shower gels and hair products - targets the youth male demographic and since 2003, the brand has marketed its products as an aid for men to attract women. Evidently, it has always landed in controversy and the latest campaign which focuses on how AXE men have changed the course of history  after using AXE Shower Gel, is not an exception.


AXE Shower Gel campaign

The campaign that goes back in time and shows how in reality history has been defined by AXE Shower Gel, has been implemented by Glitch on social media. With YouTube being the chosen media, the agency has made an interactive series of videos that takes you back in time and shows you how important milestones in history happened due to the use of AXE Shower Gel. For example one of the video shows the epic scene of Bollywood movie Deewar in 1975 where the elder brother is having a heated debate with his younger brother.

The elder one talks about  his wealth and questions the younger about what he has. Before the younger could say anything the AXE Shower Gel drops into his hands. This changes history - the younger brother gets fresh and this leads to girls getting attracted to him. The video ends with the younger brother walking away with a bunch of girls and history is created with the movie turning a box office hit.

There are similar set of spoofy videos such as how AXE Shower Gel helps India win the world cup, lead the discovery of gravity, helps the invention of air planes, etc. There are in total 6 set of videos which showcase how AXE Shower Gel shaped the history from 25000 BC to 1983.

How interactive is the campaign?

The YouTube campaign is definitely interactive and well thought of. Small things like placing a shower knob to turn and view the different videos and shower turning on as soon as you turn the knob are really cool add-ons.

The YouTube focused campaign is being promoted on Facebook too. The brand that has 3.9M fans on Facebook is sharing the interesting set of videos and is also getting people to talk about it by sharing the behind-the-scenes videos too. However, the Twitter account seems to miss out on the campaign a bit since it has been busy interacting with fans on IPL.

Last year we had seen similar interactive YouTube video campaigns such as the one launched before the movie release of Barfi and this year we also witnessed how Gyano, the magician and Mobo, the money boss make financial planning a fun thing to learn through social media storytelling. The storytelling activity was launched via YouTube by ICICI Securities.

AXE Shower Gel definitely strikes the interactive chord on YouTube but could have thought of making an integrated campaign too. What do you think?