Aviva India’s ‘Happy Frames’ On Facebook Is Impressive

Happy Frames is a fun contest on Facebook from Aviva India that brings together an opportunity for parents to share pictures with their kids and win merchandise autographed by Sachin Tendulkar.

Aviva Life Happy Frames

Aviva India, the life insurance company formed by a joint venture between Dabur and Aviva Group, has recently launched ‘Happy Frames’ on their Facebook page. Happy Frames is a fun contest on Facebook that brings together an opportunity for parents to share pictures with their kids and win merchandise autographed by Sachin Tendulkar.

About Happy Frames

As they say, fun times are happy times. Aviva is encouraging fans to relive the fun moments with their kids by sharing their photos together. So if you have a memorable picture of your happy times, you can upload it on the Aviva Happy Frames Facebook app. Although, the app asks you to like the page, you can still proceed with the contest without ‘liking’. But I’m sure, you would ‘like’ the page at the end of an adorable experience, just like I did!

Happy Frames is an appealing and cheerful app. You can see the list of daily winners in the bottom panel that also displays the prizes. There is an option to invite friends as well as check out the Terms & Conditions.

Aviva Life Happy frames contest

As shown in the screenshot, you can click on upload photo to participate in it. A beautiful screen welcomes you with several options to store your happy picture. You can choose from a range of 5 cheerfully designed frames, prior to uploading.

There is an option to upload a picture from your computer or from your Facebook albums. After uploading a photo, you can see it within the chosen frame. You can click or drag to move the photo or drag the slider to resize it. Add a caption and check on I agree to T&Cs for the ‘Submit’ button to be enabled. After you submit, a thank you screen welcomes you with an option to share, invite or upload more pictures.

How cool is ‘Happy Frames’?

It is apparent that Happy Frames has spent a good amount of time on the drawing board. It was a delight to experience right from the time of clicking on the Facebook ad to signing off from the app. I give it full marks for the simple concept, cheerful design, cool execution, smooth navigation and lastly adhering to Facebook guidelines for apps. Besides, it was well-tested – the Submit button is only enabled after you enter all the details and check the T&C.

Being just a month old on Facebook, the company needs to build its fan-base. Happy Frames will surely help in doing that, although I would prefer to see the app being exclusively available only to fans!

However, what impressed me most is the incentive it offers to the community. Giving away merchandise like mugs or cricket bats autographed by the god of cricket, Sachin is the USP in this contest, considering how cricket-frenzy a nation we are!

Happy Frames also ensures to build a bond between parents and kids just as the company provides insurance plans for a better tomorrow. Apps built around a brand’s primary objective are more likely to bring in value.

Launched this July, the Facebook page is fairly new but shows promise in its content strategy and fan engagement. If it only adds its rich legacy of the past through the Facebook Timeline feature, it could create an amazing Facebook presence.

After experiencing this app, I’m sure the Aviva India community will only grow with relevant fans. What do you feel?