Aviva India Pads Up With Sachin To Build A Long Term Community On Social Media

A look at how insurance provider Aviva India creates a long term community-building strategy on social media, where cricketer and brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar gives cricketing tutorials as videos


Aviva Life Insurance, the insurance providers formed by two of the oldest companies in the world – Aviva and Dabur, has now strengthened its brand association with the god of cricket and the face of the brand – Sachin Tendulkar. Focusing on the bond between a father and child, the insurance brand has roped in Sachin to feature in a new series of cricket tutorials and interviews using social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Sachin throws light on the importance of parenting and protection while he gives batting lessons via ‘Padding up with Sachin’ and shares some of his own parenting and life lessons via ‘Sachin Off-guard’.

Padding up with Sachin

A Facebook app has been created for ‘Padding up with Sachin’.  The app is accessible after you ‘like’ the page and allows you to watch the videos by the Master Blaster. There is ‘Stance’ and ‘Straight Drive’ where Sachin teaches these batting styles in the form of video tutorials. The other three videos catch Sachin off guard where he talks about his family, why protection is important in cricket and the reason he retired.


One can also cast his vote on a poll which will decide which amongst ‘Square Cut’, ‘Cover Drive’ or ‘Pull Shot’ will be taken up in the next tutorial. At the bottom of the app, you have tabs for the Winners, Prizes, Inviting friends and Terms & Conditions. Daily prizes comprise Sachin’s biography and weekly prizes are gift vouchers worth INR 1000 from sports365.in.

In addition, the app also provides options to share it on your wall or invite your friends on Facebook.

Cricket tutorials on YouTube

Each of the cricket tutorials including the ones in the ‘Padding up with Sachin’ app have been uploaded on the YouTube page of Aviva. The neatly designed brand channel with the brand colours has three tabs each for Sachin’s batting tutorials, Sachin off-guard about his life as a father, and Sachin’s answers at the Aviva’s event. Here’s one of the videos where Sachin is teaching a young boy his most famous ‘cover drive’ style.

Creating a community for the long term

In an area like insurance where brand loyalty is largely dependent on trust, the ‘Padding up with Sachin’ initiative by Aviva is a killer.  It brings benefits in twofold - Aviva creates useful content for its target consumers thereby helping it build a trustworthy and reliable bond with them, in addition to creating a friendly and social environment where Aviva’s insurance advise would be accepted as well as  recommended. The campaign is sure to work as a long term strategy to build a community of good and responsible parents.

Sachin Tendulkar being a passionate cricketer along with being a committed parent himself helps further the brand message. Little things reflecting the importance of a father’s role have been ingrained into the campaign. Along with teaching the batting techniques, Sachin is also shown taking care of the boy’s helmet and pads - thus signalling the importance of protecting your child.

The campaign also excels in its design and execution with neat layout, brand colours, smooth navigation and easy information on its Facebook app and YouTube page. The integration of Facebook with the YouTube videos helps bridge audiences across both the platforms. Aviva can then reap this community by also including its products and plans within the world of parenting, cricket and Sachin.

Today, the key to building a loyal consumer base going forward for any brand is to build lasting relationships and ‘Padding up with Sachin’ does just that. What do you think?