How Autumn Worldwide’s #DontBeAMannequin went viral highlighting a genuine cause

Post the shameful New Year Bangalore incident, Autumn Worldwide decided to stand with the girls with #DontBeAMannequin, case study submitted under the category: ‘Best Use of Social Cause Content Marketing’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017


The Agency

Exploring the entire social media and digital marketing landscape, Autumn Worldwide specializes in 4 core domains.

  1. Social listening and insights – Listening to conversations on behalf of brands and drive customized insights for the brands. Autumn’s goal here is to find patterns, trends and drive business value for clients.
  2. Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Today social platforms are default customer care engines. People find it easier to complain and escalate a challenge on social platforms rather than use traditional methods of emails and phone calls. This is where Autumn Worldwide comes in. They manage the customer lifecycle in the digital and social space for brands. From making the first point of contact to resolving the issues, Autumn has always been on top of this game.
  3. Creative Outreach Services – Developing creative content for the mobile, digital and social space is the forte. Creatives in video format, GIF format, social experiments, websites, microsites E-commerce sites, the list goes on. Autumn does it all! Technology and development is a big part for Autumn when it comes to creative content outreach. Whether it is a chatbot or a personalized platform, Autumn always plays the pioneering game.
  4. Last but not least, Autumn Worldwide buys media for their clients for the digital space.

Today Autumn Worldwide handles some of the largest social media accounts for giants such as PepsiCo, Big Bazaar, Raymond, Arrow, Luminous, Exide Life Insurance, Free Charge, USL Diageo, Zoiro, Tata Gluco Plus, Himalayan Natural Water and more.

With headquarters in Bangalore and branches in Delhi and Bombay, Autumn is soon expanding its reach and catering to big clients all over the country. Foreseeing the future, Autumn Worldwide wants to become the most valuable social media marketing firm in the world

Problem Statement

As the world ringed in the New Year, Bangalore woke up to a horrific reality. During the revelry on Brigade Road, women were molested by groups of men even though there were thousands of people and police personnel around.

In a country not known for the safety of its women, the audaciousness of these miscreants was still something that was unheard of. But how did we get here?

The answer’s apathy. A peculiar behavior that shows no interest or willingness to take action, especially over something important and we Indians have mastered this art.

Identified Objectives

#DontBeAMannequin was meant to talk to everyone who has ever been a bystander when something wrong has happened in the country. While the country points fingers at one another and jumps at any chance to put blame on someone else, we wanted to remind people that the only way to solve the problem was to start taking responsibility.

The Strategy/Execution

The world had been struck by the Mannequin Challenge. From presidential hopefuls to popstars to actors and even high school kids; everyone was talking about the Mannequin Challenge. So we decided to use this challenge but gave it our own spin. The video was strategically published on Facebook with the right hashtags and message to make sure the audience watches the video right till the end.


New Year's Eve should have ended very differently for Bangalore.Don't agree?This video might change your mind. #DontBeAMannequin

โพสต์โดย AutumnWorldwide บน 11 มกราคม 2017


Without putting any money on media, measurable total impressions of 22.2 million and total reach of 14.5 million was achieved. The engagement on this campaign reached over 5.1 million with the country and the world taking notice.

This message was positively received by all and started a conversation about taking responsibility as a society & taking action. While this was a purely organic social video to spread awareness, it was picked up by over 35 publishers – National and Global. Prominent names include Mic Media, AJ Plus, Huffington Post Canada and France and Marie Claire.

This proved that when good content is met with the right intent, it makes a mark and drives real social change.

It was time to take responsibility and not be bystanders at times like this. You have to be the change you want to see.

Case study Video


How AutumnWorldwide #DontBeAMannequin campaign reached over 5.1 million with the country and the world taking notice.

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