Neil Sequeira

Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads Vs LinkedIn Ads – A Cost Per Click Advertising Comparison

This is a guest post by Neil Sequeira, Founder at BuzzFactory If you’re interested in promoting a business, organization or website on the web but new to the world of online advertising, it could be a daunting task getting started with it. There are all [...]

Identifying The Business Objectives Behind The Social Media Activity

This is a guest post from Neil Sequeira, Founder of BuzzFactory.  Behind every social media campaign or outreach effort for a brand, there is a “business end” or business objective that is the ultimate purpose for any campaign. At least there should be if [...]

How Not To Lose Your Facebook Fans

This is a guest post by Neil Sequeira, Founder of Just yesterday I blocked updates from a Facebook page I liked a month or two ago because it flooded my feed with updates one after the other. It’s not the first time I’ve “un-liked” a page [...]

Stop Buying And Start Earning Your Traffic Or Social Media Fan Base

Customer: How will you achieve this? Marketing Agency 1: We’ll develop an engagement gradually by actively participating in social media conversation, publishing content, sharing and developing an all round presence to drive inbound traffic. Marketing [...]

A Tale Of Two Business Blogging Strategies

When it comes to social media engagement and online presence as a whole, different companies and brands around India are at different understanding levels of what it’s all about. Some embrace the fundamentals of social media knowing fully well to put the [...]