Author Ravinder Singh Does A Google Hangout With His Fans For ‘Like It Happened Yesterday’

Ravinder Singh does a Google Hangout with his fans to promote his new book 'like it happened yesterday' in association with with Times Music, Penguin, Crossword and Barista.

Social media is slowly equating to promotions. Nothing wrong in it but the success depends on how well you promote rather than ending up as spam. Ravinder Singh, a popular Indian author who came into the limelight after he released his first book “I Too Had A Love Story” based on his real life experiences, is integrating social media in an interesting way for promoting his new book.

The authors third and latest book – “Like It Happened Yesterday” is again connected to the youth and has chosen social media as one of the mediums. The author did a Google Hangout to promote his book and interact with his fans. The interaction was in association with Times Music, Penguin India, Crossword and Barista.

Ravinder Singh Facebook

The online event saw an update from Google India on Google Plus which caught my eyes. Besides this the event had been promoted across all networks and had updates on the respective pages from the author to the brands that have partnered for the event. In fact the Ravinder Singh’s official Facebook fan page that has more than 107K fans, has been quite active in updating about the event and informing how could fans be a part of the Hangout.

Besides Facebook and Google Plus, Twitter was also used in an effective way. A quiz contest was organized by Penguin India Twitter account along with Times Music. The contest was being promoted with the hashtag  #LikeItHappenedYesterday and lucky fans got a chance to be part of the Hangout and interact with Ravinder.

Ravinder has been a believer of social media so the new move comes with no surprise. Last year Penguin Books India had joined hands with Ravinder Singh in the search for love stories in a contest titled ‘Love Stories that have touched my heart’. The best entries would be published by Penguin Books India as a collection of short love stories where Ravinder himself would be a part of the selecting team as well as the editor for the winning entries before they would be published.

Though it is an interesting way to promote the new book as well as converse with fans, I still find the social media initiatives that were taken up during the launch of Sethji authored by Shobhaa De, was quite innovative.