Australian Tourism Invites Indians On LinkedIn To Take A Break In Oz

Who Deserves a Break in Oz – the contest driven by Australian tourism is presenting Indians on LinkedIn, the opportunity to take a week off in Australia.

Australian tourism board has been working on various ways to attract Indian tourists for quite some time now. However, the latest mode of targeting is happening in association with LinkedIn. ‘Who Deserves a Break in Oz – the contest that is driven by Australian tourism is also being touted as a first in India. The contest is providing Indians on LinkedIn, the opportunity to take a week off in Australia. The campaign has been conceptualized and executed by OMD India.

The contest that is going to be live till June 9, 2013, is asking users to nominate themselves or other users from their connections  for a holiday in Australia. In addition to this, users participating in the contest will be required to share a reason why they are nominating a person or themselves for the break. The contest will choose two winners on the basis of the nomination that could be a professional achievement or a personal milestone that participants wish to celebrate with a memorable holiday experience. Additionally, votes would also matter in winning the competition.

Who deserves a break contest

Excited to explore places like Sydney, Kangaroo Island, etc. then click on the site. Concurrently, LinkedIn is also running contest ads to drive its members to the site. The site that has enabled a LinkedIn login, after authenticating will provide you two choices – 1) Nominate Yourself and 2) Nominate A Colleague.

I clicked for nominating myself initially as it’s been long I’ve taken a break. On click, the portal displays a list of tourist destinations from Australia. Click on the visual gallery and you know more about the place, make a selection and give the reason but one needs to make it in 144 words.

If you like to nominate from any of  your LinkedIn connections, then click on the option “Nominate A Colleague”. The site pulls out the list of connections and provides a search option too. However, the search didn’t work when I tried to find a few of my friends. Nevertheless, it worked for Omkar whom I have nominated for Gold Coast for his continued support to us. You can nominate 10 people from your connections. The below screen reflects the nomination area.

Also, the site has options such as Discover Australia where you are informed more about the tourist spots and a leader board to check out the nominations from your connections.

Is it a cool initiative?

Engaging LinkedIn connections is an interesting move and well targeted too. Everyone wants a break and giving two people from the LinkedIn Indian user base a chance to enjoy the beauty of Australia, is exciting as well as quite strategic. The contest is simple but somehow I don’t find the voting system really interesting. The contest organizers could have selected one winner from the votes and one based on merit. Additionally, there are some glitches in the site too – 1) As stated before, the search is not that great, and 2) Even after nominating one of my friend, I was still being shown that I had 10 invites left, when it should be 9!

Australian tourism can boast of being the first to do so. Last year, we saw Tourism Victoria encouraging Indians to visit Melbourne in a fun Facebook contest showcasing some of the city’s most iconic events and experiences. Two winners and their partners got a chance to fly to Melbourne courtesy Singapore Airlines and experience the city as per their preference. In addition to this, it also engaged with bloggers at Indiblogger inviting them to share their Melbourne experience and win an all-expense paid vacation in Melbourne, tailor-made just for them.

Besides, LinkedIn which recently announced that it has more than 20M registered Indian users, has also been involved in such partnerships where brands can leverage its platform. Last year Woodland joined hands with LinkedIn on World Environment Day for the “Step Out for a Greener Economy” campaign.

Australia is a destination which is quite exciting for a vacation, so I am going to take my chances. Are you nominating yourself or any of your connections on LinkedIn?