Asus’s ‘Battery Low? Battery Lo’ Could Just Become The Mantra Of The Young Smartphone Generation

The new ASUS ZenFone Max with its really long battery life has rolled out a funny vox-pop digital video where youngsters share their low battery nightmare stories

We live imprisoned lives. Despite having our freedom we spend most or all of our waking hours inside our smartphone world. Play a little candy crush while waiting for the bus, watch a video while on the bus or listen to the latest songs on music apps, check out what our friends are up to on the Facebook app, indulge in some banking too through our banking app, in between of sending inane WhatsApp messages. We don’t like to be interrupted by anyone, not even our smartphones.

When these devices our daily lives depend on, start draining out on battery, we start losing our mind. Never mind global warming or severe water crisis threatening our species, a long lasting battery is all we care for. ‘Battery Low’ is too dreaded a message to this new generation of consumers, and hence, Asus’s recently-launched ZenFone Max smartphone.

The ASUS ZenFone Max is the first smartphone with a 5000 mAh battery to hit the Indian market. Its enormous battery enables it to deliver up to 38 days of standby time and 1.5 times longer talk time over a 3G network. Also, it can be used as a portable power bank to charge other smartphones and a host of personal electronic devices! All you need is an OTG cable that comes as a standard accessory with the smartphone.

With the aim to target people who consider battery life to be a deciding factor when buying a smartphone, Asus rolled out a hilarious vox-pop digital video. Conceptualized and executed by ASUS’s digital agency BC Web Wise, the video begins with a survey of youngsters in Mumbai who talk about their worst ‘zero battery’ nightmares.

Some are believable, also relatable, some are outright outrageous nightmares - a teenager grounded by his upset mother, a worried couple who fear their daughter has been kidnapped, to an untimely battery issue leading to a break-up. They are then asked which smartphone brand and model they own and how long the battery lasts.

What you get are funny responses like ‘not even Bandra to Churchgate,” and can’t survive more than an hour of gaming. They are then given a ZenFone Max and asked to guess its battery life. All their guesswork is wrong, but they are pleasantly surprised to know its battery power and that it costs only INR 10K.

ASUS goes on to ask the youngsters to connect their current smartphone with the ZenFone Max. As their gadgets start charging up, a universal antidote for their low battery nightmares makes itself obvious – ‘Battery Low? Battery Lo…’ Therefore the brand urges them to help a friend in need of power while also putting an end to their own low battery woes by getting the ZenFone Max.

The brand is also running a #BatteryLowBatteryLo sob stories contest on Facebook and Twitter.

A funny digital video is a good way to reach out to the smartphone generation. Highlighting the phone’s long battery life and its dual use as a power bank, via a vox-pop video is a good way to spread the word and also make it share-worthy with their friends and family. The video is a relatable one too; it catches the most common issue faced by a smartphone user today and also offers a solution to their woes. ‘Battery Low? Battery Lo…’ asks the question and provides the answer too. Moreover, the video is entertaining;  despite a clever product association being slipped in, it does not feel like an advertisement.

Inviting youngsters to share their low battery stories through incentivized contests on social media is a further add-on to the video-driven campaign. “Battery Low? Battery Lo” could just become the mantra of the young smartphone generation!