#LowLightHeroes: ASUS Zenfone Salutes Unsung Heroes in First Long Format Brand Film

The short film seamlessly brings the brand closer to its target audience, without deviating from the product and still not looking like an advertisement

There’s some magic in the power of stories. Despite the various forms and devices that have evolved to aid storytelling in the digital age, the story is still the hero. People connect better to a story and are more likely to recall a good story than an advertisement. And, that’s what makes brands more human and marketers better storytellers.

In what is ASUS’s first foray into long-format storytelling for the digital age, the tech brand has chosen to bring alive positive stories that restore our faith in humanity, via its short film ‘Low Light Heroes’. ASUS has chosen the city of Mumbai to discover true stories of local unsung heroes. The real life experiences of Pooja Banerjee, Ramesh Narang and Aditya Shah from Mumbai have been weaved together into a 13-minute short film.

When confronted with emergencies, they received unexpected aid from local citizens of Mumbai. The film takes you parallely through three events unfolding at night: a young woman leaving her workplace at 1 am, a young guy riding his bike without a helmet on and a couple that is expecting their first child in 14 years of marriage. And, as it happens, when things have to go wrong, they most often do!

The woman finds she is short of cash for the taxi fare and all the ATMs are out of order. She pays whatever she has and starts walking home into the lonely, scary night. The guy, in the excitement of meeting his girlfriend did not wear his helmet and the traffic cops let him go, only to meet with a serious accident later. The couple’s doctor is unavailable, and the resident doctors are taking their time to make it to the hospital.

In each of these stories, there emerges a hero – a low light hero whose heroic deeds usually go unnoticed. The taxi driver returns to drop the woman safely back home, the bleeding young guy is taken quickly to hospital by a certain Mr. Patil, and a nurse aids in delivering the couple’s baby, despite it being her own anniversary celebration night!

Interestingly, Low Light Heroes is inspired by the ‘PixelMaster’ low-light feature mode of ASUS’s ZenFone range; PixelMaster lets users capture sharp images even in low light conditions with their smartphones. Just like the low light feature, the film chooses to put the spotlight on unsung heroic deeds.

In addition, it also helps in building a social context to the brand’s philosophy ‘In Search of Incredible’. ASUS has been exploring the brand philosophy in many ways to connect to the new age consumer. In earlier campaigns, we have explored this philosophy from various angles; this time the objective was to integrate a social message for consumers, which also has a strong brand connect, said Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder-MD of BC Web Wise, the digital agency behind Low Light Heroes.

“With Low Light Heroes we have also attempted to move away from the negative clichés surrounding social causes in digital storytelling. Just like the brand, the film establishes a positive and inspiring connection with consumers.”

Low Light Heroes was released on the ASUS’s social media platforms on Feb 23. The video uploaded on YouTube has already clocked 493K+ views and the Facebook video has been viewed over 164K times. A teaser post on Facebook got fans interested on #LowLightHeroes:

The brand has also launched a WhatsApp campaign for consumers to share their own experiences or stories of good Samaritans around them who came to the rescue of total strangers during odd hours.

ASUS India is always finding ways and means to associate its brand philosophy with the new age consumer. It had rolled out a memorable sand art video earlier to bring alive ‘In search of Incredible’. Through visuals created purely by sand, the video depicted several historic exploits and inventions by Indian individuals and institutions right from the invention of Zero, building the world’s largest railway network, to the most economical Mars mission, and even Sachin’s 100 centuries in ODI cricket.

ASUS’ Low Light Heroes is another relevant content piece bringing the brand closer to its target audience, without deviating from the product and still not looking like an advertisement. The positive social context further adds to its image as a purpose-driven brand.