How Brandmovers India’s #HarPalHappiness Delivers Business And Social Objectives For ASUS India

This Diwali to spread the joy of happiness and promote the A-series laptop, ASUS India tied up with Brandmovers India to launch #HarPalHappiness campaign

ASUS India Diwali Video

A father and son seated at the dining table eat quietly with bare minimum talks, a scene that I can very well connect to. But does that mean that they don’t care for each other even if there is no public display of love?

May be the festivals in India have some divine power that brings all kinds of relationships together and ties them with the power of love and care. Like it does in this three-minute-long video, where a father and son are living their individual lives while there is mutual respect for each other.

The son who is in college is also teaching young children while he wishes to have an efficient laptop to get his college project done. But when he receives remuneration for his teaching he makes sure to surprise his dad on Diwali by gifting him new specs.

Obviously the father is really proud but leaves the son shell shocked when he takes out a new laptop bought for him. He had saved money and also added his employer’s Diwali bonus to buy his son’s gift. The video ends with the happy son hugging his dad and a voice over signing off with the message – “spread happiness this Diwali.”

Named as ‘Har pal Happiness’, this Diwali video is an initiative from the Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company Asus. The video uploaded on Facebook has more than 22K views and on more than 6K views on YouTube.

This Diwali, Asus India wanted to connect with fans by being a part of their festival and spreading joy during the festival. At the same time this also gave the opportunity for the brand to highlight their newly launched A series and other Diwali offers.

In addition to the promotional bit, ASUS also wanted to do their part for the society and spread joy this Diwali. It tied up with the non-profit organization CRY to develop computer literacy in CRY supported volunteer intervention areas.

With the idea to connect with the Indian audience during the biggest festival of the country, the tech giant approached Brandmovers India, a digital agency headquartered in Mumbai. The agency informed Lighthouse Insights, that to meet the brand objective and bring all the amazing work ASUS wanted to do for the deserving kids, they had the perfect campaign titled “HarPalHappiness”.

To start with Brandmovers India had its focus set on telling a video story that would remind people what Diwali is all about. “It’s about helping, sharing and celebrating. And we want to say this story through the life of a father and son. A cute story that will leave you with watery eyes and wanting to give,” informed Suva Ghosh, Co-Founder at Brandmovers India.

#HarPalHappiness on digital

To create engagement around the film and build interactivity with fans, a microsite #HarPalHappiness was launched. The idea was to ask fans on how they would love to contribute to the happiness project. Basically you will have to tell the brand about someone who really needs an ASUS laptop. The more believable and genuine a story, the higher would be its chances of winning.

So if you have one such story where you think he/she deserves ASUS laptop then go ahead and upload the story with a photo, share and accumulate votes. “The most number of votes, and a bit of luck, of course, might win you that laptop. So go ahead, start spreading the joy already.”

You may also want to read some interesting stories submitted by users for this project, the microsite is featuring them in the gallery section.

On social media the initial activity focused around creating buzz and spreading the word for the video. Post that a tweet fuel activity was launched to create some flutter and spread happiness for the ASUS and CRY tie up.


A Joy Meter has been created where fans are being asked to tweet for a cause and provide unparalleled happiness for the children. All one needs to do is tweet one’s belief regarding child education. At this point 7749+ tweets of happiness have been delivered, which means that ASUS has already decided to give three laptops. The end goal of tweet for happiness stands for 15000, don’t hesitate to do your bit by a simple tweet.

Twitter is also being used to create conversations and fan engagement around #SpreadHappiness. The brand executed one such comprehensive activity on Twitter, it asked a set of questions and fans replied with #SpreadHappiness hashtag.

Spreading happiness with a cause

Long format digital films have been in demand since the beginning of this year. Brandmovers takes it further for ASUS by doing a brilliant job in simple storytelling, perfect execution and no over the top product placements. The idea was to show that good deeds lead to happiness while connecting with fans; that’s been achieved without any hassles.

Apart from delivering the message of sharing happiness, ASUS wanted to show its latest product offering to its target audience, that’s also been achieved in the story.

Finally ASUS wanted to trigger good deeds for the society so it went on to tie up with CRY. However, the interesting bit is tying up the entire campaign with meaningful digital activities. The agency avoided the general Q&A and tagging activity around the video but weaved in interesting activities such as the tweet for happiness contributing to the happiness project with deserving stories.

I am told that while the campaign is still going on #HarPalHappiness received over 7800+ tweets and #SpreadHappiness received over 7000+ Tweets while creating 15 million impressions till now. Both hashtags have been trending topics too.

While the buzz is on, #HarPalHappiness delivers business and social objectives for ASUS India armed with digital at its core.