Ask Deepika Contest On Facebook By Nescafe India

Ask Deepika Contest is a new contest by Nescafe India on Facebook. It has all the glitters but lack innovation. what do you think?

Brands hosting Facebook contests seem to be a never ending saga. Nescafe India that is “Know Your Neighbors”(KYN) on Facebook has started a new contest. The contest is simple, has the iPad, Blackberry, Samsung, etc. gadgets as goodies to go for it and above all this you have the Deepika Padukone factor to make the contest a real hot one.

Ask Deepika Facebook Contest:

KYN with its large community of 1,241,670 fans has started the new contest, which is a simple, no brainer one but one needs to be little creative. Lets say if you come across Deepika suddenly in a mall or in an IPL match what will you ask her. Well if you ask those silly boring questions like who is your boy friend or which is your next movie then you really can’t grab the cool goodies. So be wacky, be creative and click on the tab- “Ask Deepika Contest” where you would be required to fill up your basic details and click on the submit button only after entering your cool question to her. And if your question is really smart then pray for lady luck and wait for a congratulation email from Nescafe.

Ask Deepika Contest

My Thoughts:

It is not for the first time that KYN is indulging into a Facebook contest, it has done this before with “Life Mein Ek Baar” contest which for me was much more innovative as it gave fans a chance to do that one thing that they have craved for. For example the winner of the “Life Mein Ek Baar” contest got the experience of sky diving in Dubai. However the new contest does involve the Bollywood charisma but lacks the charm.

The contest no doubt is a no brainer and a simple one but as a Nescafe brand it could have done more in terms of innovating the Facebook contest. You may be nuts over Deepika but then is she going to choose the lucky questions? Or is it going to be the brand managers and creative heads? Though it is too early to say that but if that is the case, how about live streaming the contest results on Facebook while she delivers the answers for the wackiest questions in front of her online fans. I think that will be really cool in terms of appreciating fans and create engagement too.

Without a doubt there will be fans who will participate in the contest. I did too for the gadgets but lets take a step back and think that a brand that is having such an amazing fan count and scores high on engagement levels needs to be little innovative and should set high standards for Facebook marketing. For me it is a regular contest and not one that would have people talk about it or would like to remember.

Do you think that I am being too harsh or is it okay to have such contests with cool gadgets and forget about innovation?