Asian Social Media – Stories Of The Week (27th May – 1st June 2013)

Social media news from Asia


Listing the interesting stories of Asian social media  for the week – 27th May to 1st June, 2013, though the coverage of Asian social media is in its nascent stage as we are trying to understand the market. If you think you have a story or can add value by contributing stories about Asian social media then drop us a note at connect[@]lighthouseinsights[.]in or tweet us at @lhinsights.

internet regualtion singapore

1. Singapore Government Issues New Guidelines To Regulate Online News Site: Singapore government has taken constructive steps to put a framework so that it can monitor websites that cover local news in the country. Click to read more.

2. Korea’s Kakao Home Sees More Than One Million Downloads In 13 Days: Kakao Home from the south Korean company Kakao, a Facebook Home style launcher app in its home country has clocked one million downloads. Click to read more.

3. South Korea’s Kakao Plans To Launch PC Version Of Kakao Talk In June: Kakao, the maker of popular mobile messaging service Kakao Talk from South Korea has decided to launch its PC version in June. Click to read more.

4. Taiwan Plans For SOPA Like Censorship. Web Users Protest Through Facebook: The Taiwan IPO has recently proposed an amendment to its Copyright Act, a proposal that is similar to the United State Bill SOPA. Click to read more.

5. China Mobile Prepares To Launch Mobile VOIP And Messaging App Jego. Targets Skype And WeChat: China Mobile Limited, the world’s largest mobile operator has announced that it is developing an in-house mobile VOIP and messaging app – Jego. Click to read more.

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