#SeeColoursBetter: How Asian Paints made innovative use of Facebook for promoting its Ezycolour service to digital audiences

Case study by Social Kinnect for Asian Paints Ezycolour service that created fun color stories on Facebook, submitted under the category: ‘Most Innovative Use of Facebook’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

Asian Paints SeeColoursBetter

The Client

Asian Paints is India’s leading paint company. Asian Paints operates in 16 countries and has 24 paint manufacturing facilities in the world servicing consumers in over 65 countries. Asian Paints manufactures wide range of paints for Decorative and Industrial use. In Decorative paints, Asian Paints is present in all the four segments v.i.z Interior Wall Finishes, Exterior Wall Finishes, Enamels and Wood Finishes.

Asian Paints also operates through ‘PPG Asian Paints Pvt Ltd’ to service the increasing requirements of the Indian automotive coatings market.

The Agency

Social Kinnect is one of India’s fastest growing Digital Marketing Agency, which prides itself for providing ‘result-driven digital marketing services’ to the country’s top brands such as, HDFC Ergo, Indiabulls Home Loans, L’Oreal Professional, fbb (Fashion at Big Bazaar), LODHA, Zee Studio, Star Gold, Everyuth, Asian Paints and PNB MetLife. Their range of digital services include Social Media Marketing, Digital Media Planning / Buying, Video Production, Search Engine Optimisation, Websites and Application Development among others.

Problem Statement

People face difficulty in choosing the right colour for their house and are always confused about that perfect colour combination they should use to give that perfect look to their home. They are in a continuous dilemma about who to reach out to for solving their problems and confusions with colours for their home

Asian Paints has Ezycolour service which helps its customer choose colour, first virtually and then by visiting the respective house.

To address the problem TVC’s were made for national television and DVC’s to reach out to the digital audience.

Identified Objectives

  1. Amplify the existing DVC’s and increase awareness around ezycolour expert service.
  2. Make use of the latest innovations in the digital space to increase recall for video series and brand engagement.
  3. Use digital to build credibility around Asian Paints and position them as the one stop “Colour Experts”.
  4. Use the social media platforms to drive leads for the expert service and build recall for their number 8050480504.

The Strategy

Promoting the Asian Paints services and building recall for their Ezycolour service number with the help of content pegs that is youth oriented and that resonates the essence of the brand – ‘Colours’ with a variety of content baskets with added edge of digital innovation.

Since our primary goal was to amplify their TVC, we decided to do a short spin-off of the same by painting their conversations in form of fun storyline adapting the characters and capturing the expert angle from the TVC. For this we chose our first content peg, a first of a kind for Asian Paints – the Canvas!

Canvas’ are a great story-telling medium with an added pinch of innovation to showcase your idea. Firstly, we used the characters of the TVC to build recall, and scripted a colour coded conversation with fun lingos. The canvas had elements like a carousel, tilt to pan palette and a video snippet.

Preceding the Canvas we introduced the concept of what we call- ‘Colour Stories’.

What colour family does Magenta belong to? Pink or Purple? Find out below! Colours have never been this simple, until now. Call the Asian Paints Colour Expert today to #SeeColoursBetter

Asian Paintsさんの投稿 2016年9月8日(木)

These are basically short flash animated typo videos aimed at making people aware of the colour and it’s relative colour family. They have just the right music that add to the peppy element. We used almost 10 of these across our campaign to generate awareness for colours and thus making them colour conscious.

To amplify the engagement level we used 360 Degree posts to help educate the Audience.

360 Degree posts, engaging and visually appealing by itself need no introduction. We used this innovation to communicate direct concept ideas as we had a huge canvas to portray. We initiated the 360 concept with a post encompassing their colour expert service and educating the audience with what makes Asian Paints besides just colour – hence highlighting the importance of other elements like stencils and textures. We highlighted the expert angle by showing a plain canvas home transforming a myriad shade of colours. Another angle we looked at was decoding colours personalities and moods which people can relate to and also share.

Our response on these posts was impressive. We received a total Reach 2,96,308 making it the top reactive top with  22,426 reactions, 589 shares and 53 comments.

You will now look at the colour space in a whole new way! Scroll to find out and #SeeColoursBetter

Asian Paintsさんの投稿 2016年9月7日(水)

We also did some interactive Shot it Got it GIFs to engage with our audience reinforcing the campaign messaging of colours & personality. Users were encouraged to share screenshots of their colour personality in the comments thread.

Did you know your favourite colour also defines your personality? Spin the wheel to #SeeColoursBetter and unlock your colour personality! Call our colour expert at 80504 80504 to delve into the colour code!

Asian Paintsさんの投稿 2016年9月17日(土)

We ended the campaign with our path breaking Pop up miniature video ad series. These videos were very catchy as each of them had a 3D element.

The Ad’s were constructed in such a way that some or the other element popped out of the screen to add the 3D effect. Revealing the copy and the Asian Paints expert’s number, which is our primary USP.

The set of ads looked very catchy since we are playing around with miniature props. The entire, hand getting into the frame added the perspective illusion to the video.

‘Beautiful homes are made by Asian Paints. What could get better than showing an Asian paints colour expert helping you set up your home?

The Execution

Our first step was to create a vision and an identity for their Ezycolour Service that would delve into educating the audience about their service, not by just taking the mundane route of talking about the service directly, but taking them through the roots and essence of the brand and their service – ‘Colours’.

A lot can be done with a subject like ‘colours’.  Hence, the challenge here was picking the best out of a basket of full of avenues in the colour space. To showcase the same we decided to add a fun playful angle in our communication line to inculcate and incorporate the importance of colours in life for both men and women and asking them to #SeeColoursBetter with a variety of content pegs.

Promoting the Asian Paints services and building recall for their Ezycolour service number with the help of content pegs that is youth oriented and that resonates the essence of the brand – ‘Colours’.

We did the same by communicating via various fun innovations like colour stories in form of catchy typo videos, 360 degree posts, Tilt to see’s, 3D ads, Shot it Got it, etc.


Our #SeeColoursBetter Campaign added a fun quirky element to the Asian Paints page across all platforms and our results were outstanding.

  • On Facebook our total fan base increased to 15,93,904 with 4,27,632 People Talking About This (PTAT) gauging an  Engagement Rate of 4.2%.
  • In a month we gained 59,448 followers on our page organically.
  • Our top ranked post witnessed the highest interactions with 25,384 across all campaigns and the page at that time with a reach of 412,859.
  • Our most engaging, our 360 degree post reached out to 343,425 people with total Likes of 22,377. We received the highest number of shares of 1000 on this post as it was the most interactive post where we asked users to count the hidden stencils.

Case study video:

Asian Paints #SeeColoursBetter

How Asian Paints #SeeColoursBetter campaign added a innovative fun quirky element to its Facebook page.Agency: Social Kinnect

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