Asian Paints Engages Fans With Rangoli Contest On Facebook

Review of Asian Paints 'Rangoli contest' Facebook app, where fans can create their unique rangoli designs and earn points for sharing it. The grand prize is a room makeover


It’s that time of the year when most of us start looking for paint companies so as to not envy our neighbour’s walls. It is Diwali and the whole of India is celebrating the festival of lights and new beginnings with family get-togethers and a horde of sweets and gifts. Homes get a makeover with uncluttered spaces, repainted walls and hopefully some new furniture. And, while at it, paint brands in the country are finding fun ways to be on ‘top’ of your mind.

This Diwali, Asian Paints, one of the leading paint companies has decided to host a rangoli contest on Facebook, and reward a room makeover to the grand prize winner! The winner has to not only impress with the creativity and aesthetic appeal in her rangoli, but also has to earn points by sharing it with her friends and family on Facebook.

Besides, there are vouchers to be won too. Three weekly winners selected on the basis of creativity and design will get gift vouchers worth Rs. 4000, whereas five designs with the highest scores at the end of the contest will win gift vouchers worth Rs. 2,000!

Rangoli Facebook app

The Asian Paints Facebook page houses the contest on an app called ‘Rangoli contest‘. You need to ‘like’ the page to get started with your rangoli creation.Asian_paints_Rangoli_FB_appThe app provides you with six design stencils, from which you can select and drag upto three. But, first you need to pick a canvas from plain, wood, granite, marble or tiled, whatever you are making the virtual rangoli on. Select and drag a stencil, choose a colour for it and create your very own rangoli by arranging the stencils in a pattern. You can rotate the stencils, also delete them but you cannot resize them. If you like what you see, click submit or else reset to begin again.

Post submission and also earning 50 points, the app informs you about more ways of earning points. You get 100 points for getting ‘likes’, 50 points for sharing it as Diwali greetings with upto 6 friends, 50 points for inviting your friends to use the app to create their own rangoli and 25 points for making your rangoli creation as your cover photo.

The gallery houses some interesting fan-generated rangoli designs along with the points earned; you can ‘like’ or share the entries.

Asian Paints for home makovers

Well, the contest resonates with the festival spirit. Decorating your entrance with a rangoli is considered auspicious, apart from being a colourful welcome to the Goddess of Wealth. Here, creating virtual rangolis, sharing it with your friends and earning points for various social interactions is a cool thing to do on Facebook. One that helps associate the brand with Diwali and home makeovers.

Besides, the app has a neat and colourful design, apart from smooth navigation and useful steps for the user. Being a like-gated one, it will also help build the Facebook community with relevant fans. The highlight in this contest, however, is the combination of creativity and high scores rewarded for social spreading activities.

Last Diwali, Asian Paints had launched a ‘Colour ki Lari’ contest on Facebook, where fans had to add their friends into a colourful lari by tagging them on Facebook. The grand prize of a home makeover was awarded to the fan with the most number of friends added to the Colour ki lari. Apparently, Asian Paints believes in the medium and well-aligned Facebook contests are working for them.