Asian Paints Creates Mime Videos From #Speechless User Tweets

Asian Paints asked Twitter users to share what made them go speechless and converted the best tweets into mime videos in a 2 day Twitter campaign, for Royale Aspira


Twitter is an interesting platform both for the consumers as well as the content creators. Ever since the first Twitter engagement campaign that went beyond trending a campaign hashtag to involving and creating something unique for the community, the country has seen some interesting campaigns on the platform. Like this one by Asian Paints that created mime videos from the things that left its consumers speechless.

Following its television commercial ‘Speechless’ with brand ambassador actor Saif Ali Khan and his sister Soha Ali, in which Saif is left speechless and unable to answer his sister’s query on the new paint job at his home, the campaign was extended onto social media this month with the ‘The Royale Aspira Beyond Words’ Twitter contest.

Royale Aspira Beyond Words

Conceptualized by Contract Advertising, the two-day campaign that commenced on Feb 3 on Twitter, invited users to share what made them go speechless. The best tweets were then converted into mimes dedicated to the creator of that tweet and shared in real time. Not only that, the best 25 tweets were also rewarded with Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 3000.

One had to follow the Asian Paints Twitter handle to join the contest. A promo video was also created for the contest, explaining how to participate and the incentives. This was shared on the brand’s Twitter as well as Facebook page.

Here are a few of the mime videos created from ‘speechless’ moments shared by Twitter users:

Playing with my shadow and dancing along with it.

When I was on a flight for the first time.

Fan bonding through videos

Its one thing to communicate with your consumers and completely another to connect with them and create memorable experiences for them. The Royale Aspira Beyond Words Twitter contest has managed both by creating mime videos out of user tweets. As can be seen, this sweet gesture by the brand has gone down really well with the Twitter crowd, probably leaving them a little ‘speechless’!

Moreover, the campaign was executed well in terms of communication although the concept isn’t unique. The brand’s Twitter handle has taken the effort to inform users if their tweet was selected to be mimed. The mime videos also feature whose tweet it is that is being mimed. This Valentine’s Day, Cornetto had invited its fans to dedicate personal love songs at the cupidity call centre website and Facebook app; the songs were then sung by professional singers and shared with the fans through videos.

With “Speechless”, Asian Paints has ensured a stronger brand recall on social for Royale Aspira. Also, the hashtag #Speechless found a place in the top Twitter trends on the days of the campaign. A report in Campaign India states that 75 mime videos were created from close to 11K tweets received. Quite impressive for a 2-day Twitter campaign!

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