Asian Paints Launches ‘Colour Ki Lari’ On Facebook

A review of the Asian Paints 'Colour Ki Lari' contest on Facebook where fans can win a home makeover by joining their friends to a specially created lari of Facebook friends.


A review of the Asian Paints ‘Colour Ki Lari’ contest on Facebook where fans can win a home makeover by joining their friends to a specially created lari made of Facebook friends.

Paint companies and Diwali have a long standing association with most Indian homes going for a complete re-painting project on Diwali. Now, Asian Paints with the newly rebranded logo and also Asia’s third largest paint company has kicked off an exciting contest on Facebook. Fans have to add their friends into a colourful lari by tagging them on Facebook. The grand prize of a home makeover will be awarded to the fan who has added the most number of friends to the Colour ki lari.

About Asian Paints ‘Colour ki Lari’

Only fans can create a ‘Colour ki lari’, so go ahead and ‘like’ the Facebook page. You can then join the contest through the animated Facebook app ‘colour ki lari‘. The fun part begins now - you have to light up a rocket with your mouse cursor that has interestingly transformed into a glowing match stick. Once lit correctly, the rocket bursts high up into a riot of colours welcoming you to be a part of the biggest Colour ki Lari. It also displays a real time counter with the number of people in the lari, which is a whopping 56k as I write about this.

Post clicking ‘enter’, you are welcomed by a screen that resembles the above screenshot. Read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ given at the bottom before you start adding onto the lari. There are 5 tabs: Join the lari, Add friends, Light the lari, Leaderboard and Share. You need to join the lari first.

When you click ‘Join the lari’, a new window pops up. Select your colour and 5 of your Facebook friends and colours for them too and send them invites to join the lari. Once joined, you can then light the lari. The fun part begins again - the lari gets lit and begins to burst one after another until the whole chain is exhausted. The app then displays Diwali wishes along with 2 brightly glowing diyas and gives you 3 directions to move into - Leaderboard, the Facebook wall or add more friends.

Check out the leaderboard to see the top performers in each of the two categories: fans who tagged the most and fans who were tagged the most.

How cool is ‘Colour ki lari’?

Colour ki lari is a winner both in terms of concept and execution. It reflects the spirit of Diwali by being colourful, bright and bonding in nature. Also, the campaign makers have weaved a cool concept that leverages the choice of platform i.e Facebook to the maximum. Tagging friends and sending messages to them along with the ‘Share’ option helps the app gain visibility but the ultimate winning feature is the contest idea and prizes. It yields the social network to the maximum!

Along with a home makeover grand prize, other incentives are exciting as well. There are 3 weekly winners in each type of activity: one who has tagged maximum people,  one who has been tagged the most number of times and one who has the most colourful entry in the Colour Ki Lari.

Besides, I loved the animations and sound effects. These created the right amount of festive excitement to what would have been a dull app to interact with otherwise. Design and layout is simple and colourful. Navigation is smooth and offers a great user experience. The app has been well tested too.

If I were to choose what defines the campaign, then ‘Colour ki Lari’ for me is a memorable one for its sheer design effects and the concept.