Ashish Khoria Of MOL Talks About MOLPoints And Social Games

Ashish Khoria Of MOL Talks About MOLPoints And Social Games

Along with the Ecommerce industry, Social Games is another industry that is making noise in the current year. First, Facebook made its credits available for India, then CAGR published its report that the gaming industry is to grow by 53 % and recently Money Online (MOL) AccessPortal announced its tie up with Facebook. MOL, the leader in virtual currency for online games, virtual worlds and social networks in Asia has brought MOLPoints to provide Facebook credits in India. Facebook credits is a virtual currency that allows you to buy virtual pets, premium game weaponry, etc in all your favorite Facebook games to make the experience more exciting.

This also means that buying of Facebook credits for the games becomes more convenient and safer too. So if you are a gaming freak and want Facebook credits for buying some premium game weaponry then log into the MOLPoints app.

MOLPoints Facebook Credit App


Once you log in the MOLPoints after creation of MOL account and authentication, you will be asked to create your MOLPoints Wallet that keeps a track of your virtual currency. As you can see in the above picture my wallet is empty so Reload MOLPoints is a must. Select one of the many payment methods provided by MOL and fill up your MOLPoints Wallet.

Filling the MOLPoints Wallet


Once you have MOLPoints in your wallet now it is just a matter of click to buy Facebook Credits.

Buying Of Facebook Credits


I also thought that this would be a great moment to catch up with Mr. Ashish Khoria, Country Manager for MOL India to know more about this partnership, how the gaming community can benefit, etc. The email interview which was done with Ashish is as follows:

Ashish Khoria

Q1: Facebook and MOL (Money Online AccessPortal) have now announced a partnership that enables purchase of Facebook Credits via MOLPoints in India. What does this partnership mean to MOL considering Facebook as the largest social network in India?

A1:Considering the fact that Facebook has over 25 million users in India alone, the strategic partnership with Facebook will make it significantly easier and more convenient for these users to purchase virtual goods in online games and applications on Facebook. Now that Facebook users in India are able to purchase Facebook Credits through MOL’s payment system,  this partnership demonstrates MOL’s growing role as a leading payment provider for social networking sites in Asia, one of which our key markets is India.

Q2: What are the added benefits that Indian gaming community can avail from the service of MOL Points?

A2: The added benefits of being able to use MOLPoints for the gaming community in India are that gamers now are able to have easier access to purchase virtual currency and they can do so without having the risk of running in credit card frauds. Gamers can now open a MOLPoint account easier than opening a bank account because all they need is a valid email address to register at the official MOL website or even through Facebook itself.  MOL is basically a one stop destination that provides over 500 games and other digital services for users in Asia to enjoy.

Q3: MOL India does have a great tie up with the Indian Social gaming community but how have they benefited being part of MOL?

A3: MOL was created as a one stop destination to offer consumers over 600,000 physical and online channels all over the world, and the biggest markets for MOL is in Asia, with India being one of it. By leveraging on MOL’s l strong relationship with game distributors and payment channel partners, MOL India is able to use this to their advantage to reach out to the gaming community in India to provide maximum monetization solutions to increase their revenue and exposure.

Q4: How cost effective and secure is MOLPoints in comparison to other payment methods?

A4: MOLPoints basically enables consumers to purchase online products and services without necessitating the use of credit cards. Unlike many other online banking systems which requires credit surcharge, what consumers pay for MOLPoints is the value they get back. There is also privacy security for consumers because they do not have to reveal their personal information unlike other payment methods where it is a requisite to provide them in order to be able to purchase and use the currency.

Q5: Finally, any thoughts on the social gaming market in which galloping in the present times? How do you see this trend?

A5: Social gaming is gaining huge momentum in Asia and is mainstream presently. We can see that Facebook users are deeply engaged in social gaming because games help to create deeper engagement and interaction among friends. Social gaming is also a key driver for virtual currency even though most people play social games because they are free, there is still a market of people that will spend real money on these games. We can see that gaming is a good platform for e-commerce to grow and that it represents an unprecedented marketing opportunity that connects companies directly with social gaming users. It is a good opportunity for most companies to explore social gaming initiatives in Asia.


Thanks Ashish for talking to us and MOLPoints will provide a lot of convenience for purchase of Facebook credits. The Social gaming industry in India is going great guns and we will be keeping a close eye on this area to keep you posted.