Around The World With Expedia Contest on Indiblogger

A review of the Around The World With Expedia blogging Contest on Indiblogger

Are you always planning for your next exciting trip? You are fascinated by different cultures and people around the world and you also love to blog about it? Then you are the travel-junkie, Expedia is looking for! Expedia, the global online travel company is currently running a blogging contest on Indiblogger called ‘Around The World With Expedia‘. Bloggers have been invited to write about exciting people they have met on their travels in India or abroad and something that connected them like a hobby, an interest or a belief,. And they can be one of the five lucky winners to get an all-expense paid trip to USA, Australia, UK, Japan or Singapore. And what’s more, thirty winners will get Expedia coupons worth a total value of Rs. 1,20,000 which can be redeemed for both domestic as well as international travel!

I think this is child’s play for the travel bloggers as every traveler has a story to tell upon their return – remember listening to your dad’s stories whenever he returned from an overseas trip? Nearly 82 such stories narrating experiences in Turkey to a party at Ranthambore, are already up at the contest page. The contest has also been discussed and doubts clarified at the Indiblogger forum. While browsing the different threads, it seems like most of the community isn’t so happy that the trip is only for one person; guess Expedia is looking out for the lone traveler! Another point was about the Terms & Conditions being rather long and strict and the method in which the winners will be notified. However, the Indiblogger team has clarified every concern just as we have seen in the Kissan Real Blogger contest.

Expedia Blogger contest

Once again, I left the forum happy. It was endearing to see members answering queries and encouraging each other. Some of the lazy ones who didn’t want to read the terms & conditions page just put in their queries at the forum. And they received helpful responses, not rude ones. I recollected some of my classmates who would never read the examination guidelines!

Expedia seems to have got the social media formula right. I’d reviewed a Facebook campaign by Expedia called ‘Give Them Wings‘ in an earlier post where for every ‘like’ of yours, the brand would pay Rs.10 to sponsor a Mumbai trip for street kids, which in my opinion is an ingenious ‘like’ campaign. And now this blogging contest is another feather on their cap. By engaging with the active community at Indiblogger and targeting the travel bloggers, Expedia is not only leveraging its position but also creating lasting relationships. And brands that build strong bonds are the ones to survive in the long run!

So hurry up, rush in your stories at Indiblogger  as the contest closes on the 29th of February and get ready to pack your bags. All the Best!