Ariel India Builds Fans Through ‘Be The Star’ Facebook Campaign

About Ariel India 'Be The Star’ Facebook campaign designed around building fans through storytelling

Detergent brand Ariel gives fans the chance to share the stories attached to that special piece of garment they’ve always treasured, with the ‘’Be the Star’ contest. The winning entry could feature in the next Ariel TVC.

As per a recent survey by Nielsen in collaboration with P&G owned detergent brand Ariel, it has been revealed that both men and women treasure their garments for quite a few reasons. For some it may be a lucky charm or hold a special memory, while for others it may be gifted by a loved one who is no more.

Each one of us will have that one piece of garment tucked carefully in our wardrobe and a story attached to it. Now Ariel is giving us a chance to share the special story which could be then be featured in the official Ariel TVC. Also, the first 50,000 participants will win a gift hamper from Ariel.

Going by the survey results, Ariel has come up with the ‘’Be the Star‘’ contest on Facebook where you can share your special story through an app designed for the same. You have to like the page before you begin.


After you click on ‘upload your story’, a window asking your mobile number, story and the special garment will be displayed. Enter the required details and click submit to see a new window asking you to tag your friends. I was able to proceed without uploading the photo of my treasured garment. I was greeted by a thank you and a message that I have won an Ariel gift hamper!

Not only that, my entry also got featured in the home page of the app! The good thing was an elaborate T&C document displayed at the bottom of the app, through which I also came to know that the ‘Be the star’ entries have closed yesterday itself, but the stories can be shared till August 15.

How good is ‘Be The Star’?

Although the campaign has not been executed so well, the concept is a killer. FMCGs have an edge over the others when it comes to engaging with their community. They can create better stories for the fans. With the ‘Be The Star’ campaign, Ariel has not only created storytellers out of its users but also given the users a chance to own a part of the brand.

And having a ‘like’ campaign is a good idea in return of gift hampers. You will definitely increase your fan count, however these fans can also ‘unlike’ at the same speed if you do not keep them engaged. A word of caution to all the brands launching expensive ‘like’ campaigns specifically to build a large community. By giving a unique opportunity to its consumers, Ariel is building the right  community but engagement would decide the long term growth.

I wasn’t quite pleased with my app experience although the layout and colours are beautiful. I’m listing out a few things that could have created a much pleasing experience for the fans:

1. Better design and navigability: The app certainly needs to bring in more clarity, either through creating tabs or having back and forth buttons to bring in smoother navigation too. I would have preferred a ‘gallery’ section to feature stories with options to share it with friends or search for top voted ones.

2. Needs to be tested before deployment: The mobile number and story fields were being checked for invalid or blank entries but the photo upload wasn’t checked. I was able to submit my entry without uploading my photo!

The brand has now launched ‘My Ariel My Story’ contest giving away gift vouchers of Shoppers’ Stop, alongside the ‘Be the Star’. And the response from the community looks good.

Recently, I had reviewed a FMCG campaign around storytelling by Nestle India called ‘Cook different’, where fans could share their stories of how differently they cook. You can see a much better designed app there that is exciting to the community as well as aligned to the brands objective. Then again, there is Nestle’s Meri Maggi ‘Share your Maggi moments‘ campaign, which does not leave any room for complaints. The makers of Ariel India’s Facebook strategy could do with such memorable campaigns too.

I’m happy to see brands implement storytelling for building their online communities but at the same time a little concerned with their short-term vision. What do you think about ‘Be the Star’ campaign?