Are You Supporting Earth Hour India?

An article on Earth Hour India's social media presence and how it is trying to use it for a social cause.

Sachin Tendulkar is supporting Earth Hour India, are you supporting too? A Facebook ad created by Earth Hour India based on the same emotions, was enough for me to click on the ad. This year Earth Hour is not only asking you to switch off your lights on 31st March from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM but to carry it further and sustain it for more than a hour. And to spread the message Earth Hour and Earth Hour India have heavily backed upon social media. From a Facebook page to sharing thoughts via 140 characters and listing videos on Youtube, Earth Hour India has explored a lot.

Sachin Tendulkar supports Earth Hour India

Social Media Presence of Earth Hour India

The Facebook community of Earth Hour India, which has a strong community of more than 24,000 fans, has a vibrant wall stuffed with vital information and fun too. The content is more focused to the objective and which could be witnessed if you scan through the posts. Would have loved if the brand page had adapted to the new upgrade and used the exciting timeline feature for brands.

The page also has couple of apps and one of the exciting one is the Get Involved app. Get Involved has several options such as Take Pledge, Badges, Map, View Pledges and Wall Of Fame. So not only you can take a pledge but choose to show your support to the cause by displaying a badge on your profile picture. Wall of Fame is another exciting dashboard where you are ranked by the number of friends that you have invited to the app. Not only you get more points but also you stand a chance to win Earth Hour merchandise.

Get Involved Facebook app

Apart from this, there are two more apps, ‘Take a Pledge’ and ‘I Will If You Will’. Take a Pledge has the similar operation that we have witnessed in the Get Involved app so doesn’t make any sense to have it again. I Will If You Will is a brilliant concept but when you click on the app, the app takes you to the Youtube Earth Hour brand channel. Here people are daring to do something when a bunch of people are ready to do something in return. Interesting concept to take the Earth Hour beyond the one hour but it is an Earth Hour initiative, not an India initiative.

The Earth Hour India has an equally strong presence on Youtube and Twitter. The Youtube channel even though has got 12,587 video views and has listed lot of videos but surprisingly the last activity was done 11 months before. Same is the case with Twitter. The Twitter community, which has more than 2500 followers, has a pretty active presence but if one looks at the tweets carefully, one would get a different picture. The tweets are copied from Facebook and moreover the updates haven’t been edited too. For example why would you post a tweet and ask your followers on Twitter to share or like it. Makes no sense at all! This happens when you don’t do your homework on social media.

Blog and Google Plus have also been added on the website but they are yet not active. I would have wished if Earth Hour India had an active blog even before having a Facebook account. I think there is some more serious work that needs to be done on social media to increase the levels of engagement.

Social causes taking the help of social media is not a new case. Recently, we had seen how the Gurgoan protests with the help of social media is growing. Earth Hour India is definitely a cause that should use more of social media and it should maneuver the current presence it has rather than adding up new ones. Earth Hour India, time to learn social media tips and tricks from Earth Hour.

This year, I am thinking  how to take it further beyond the one hour. Meanwhile, if you have any cool ideas then do share it in the comments. Let’s make our earth better and save the planet in whatever way we can.