Archana’s Kitchen – Web Is What You Make Of It!

Archana's Kitchen - Web is what you make of it!

Google Chrome’s new ad “Web is what you make of it” showcases the journey of a girl, who starts from a small beginning and moves on to make that idea big. We are talking about Archana of Archana’s Kitchen fame. A small town girl, got her culinary skills from her mother and nourished it with age but as they say time decides the course. Archana went on to become a blogger and a writer where she shares her amazing cooking skills with thousands of users. Definitely the dream has been powered by the internet and Google Chrome is showcasing it. You will say it’s smart and a cute move when you watch this video

[youtube mIDVc2o-5MQ 450 300]

Excited to know what is Archana cooking today then jump into her website which is a collection of vegetarian recipes. We know you are tempted as it is food and food all over the place. One has to appreciate the hard work shown in showcasing each and everything with care. The recipes are explained to the detail with cool tips and amazing placement of the social buttons. Archana’s cooking has nicely spread into the Facebook and Twitter world too. Archana’s story is an inspiration and Google admires it too.

Google picked up a simple story and weaved it into their brand message ‘Web is what you make of it’. The story is appealing and gets the common web user to think that she can aspire to create her own story too.  It’s good when brands adopt such phenomenon of bringing real life characters to the people rather than showcasing celebs.

So what’s your story and how are you using the web to tell your story? We are all ears and who knows if Google is too! Happy Sunday!