This Mumbai Based Startup Helps eCommerce Companies Create Mobile Apps

Review of B2B Android App Apptuse which is building mobile apps for eCommerce companies

Indian e-commerce is projected to explode from $10 billion to $43 billion in the next five years, according to Nomura’s India Internet Report last month. The top three players — Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon — are expected to do $4 billion in sales this fiscal. The other market that is booming is the smartphone market; India is already the fastest growing smartphone market in Asia and also the third largest smartphone market in the world.

With the introduction of Google’s Android One, the smartphone market in India is going to boom further. With the growing smartphone percentage in the country, activities on the device have increased. From communications to commerce, Indians are making the pocket size device their next best friend.

The shift of eCommerce to mobile commerce is very likely to happen and we have already seen eCommerce giants investing in mobile apps – Myntra’s mobile app (review), Jabong mobile’s app (review), and Amazon’s Junglee mobile app (review), among others.

But creating a mobile app isn’t an easy job for a medium or small scale online business. With increasing costs, business owners don’t want to hunt for an app designer who eventually might charge a bomb and leave with an unappealing user experience. So the market required a service that builds a mobile app with ease and also makes sure that user experience is kept in mind.

Apptuse – mobile app for eCommerce companies

Mumbai based Apptuse, founded by Anant Garg, Anuj Garg and Nameet Potnis, is trying to be the first players in the country to start with the “commerce everywhere” movement. “Today smartphones have made shoppers smarter than ever and the mobility factor has obviously boosted commerce on the go. We want to provide a convenient shopping experience across all devices, improve the conversion rates and also want to assure that with m-commerce you not only keep pace with the present but also define your future,” shared Nameet in an email interaction.

According to Nameet, Apptuse brings its merchants a plethora of benefits. Talking about the USP of the app at a time when everyone wants a mobile app, he adds, “We have simple, easy and intuitive design of the app, easy navigation, cross-platform availability and also you do not need to write even a single line of code. You can integrate multiple partner plugins and unlock features such as advanced analytics. We let our merchants have a single back-end and multiple front-ends, inventory management happens within the merchants existing dashboard.”

Apptuse does have a demo mobile app to give you a feel about the product. But for my review, I downloaded the mobile app of GlobaliteSport which is a customer to get a live feel of the app. Once I downloaded the Android app, the home screen looks like the below screen-grab:

Apptuse Android Home App

As you see at the bottom of the app along with the Home tab you have tabs like Category, Favorite, Cart and Info. If you tap on any of the product on the Home screen you are shown further details of the product. I clicked on Stake, black shoe which had multiple images, the price and the description. If you like the product you can add it to the cart or mark as favorite and have a look at it later.

The GlobaliteSport failed multiple times when you add products to the cart but NaariStyle another customer of Apptuse worked smoothly. The below screen grab gives you a look of the product details, Favorites and Cart.

Apptuse Android App cart

Additionally, the app has a search and sort feature at the top right hand corner. The Category option lets you find products with ease too. If you are done with shopping then you can click the check out button present in the Cart tab. The Shopping Cart of NaariStyle took ages to pop up and after multiple tries it failed to load, so I couldn’t try out the check out process.

Nevertheless, the app promises to have features like Pay by cash on delivery COD, net-banking, credit and debit cards.

This was the front-end but at the back-end Apptuse has also made life easy for its customers with a plug and play dashboard. “On the dashboard you can manage everything, right from your app name to your app logo to your statistics and also your social presence. There’s a live chat support available to solve any issue, if faced, right away. The team is geared up to solve any problem within 2 hours and having developers as a part of the support team really helps us keep turnaround time low,” informed Nameet.

Is Apptuse effective for SMEs?

In 2012 commerce was said to be happening on Facebook and we saw startups and businesses wanting to have stores being set up on Facebook. That has now moved to mobiles since the world has moved to mobiles; nothing wrong in it but SMEs will have to stop making the same mistakes they did during the craze for Facebook Commerce.

The problem is that SMEs think that once my store is up people will just jump in to buy products and from next day I will be making profits. While Facebook killed the organic reach, SMEs just had Facebook stores with incomplete products, no information and zero promotion of it. Now this is being seen in mobile too.

Apptuse is addressing large businesses who have an online presence, a social media presence and now want to be on mobile too. Only building a mobile app will not solve the problem but they will have to train them in uploading content not only with complete information but in a way that customer is ready to buy it. No one is going to buy a Rs 10,000/- product which just has two images with bare minimum info.

However, Apptuse as an app does the job; it is neat and offers a good experience but it needs to address customer app issues discussed above. This wouldn’t impress a mobile customer who has downloaded the app for a faster and smoother experience.

Talking on the response so far Nameet informed that it has been very good. “In the three weeks since our launch, we already have clients in 7 countries.”

To make life easy for eCommerce players Apptuse has tied up with players like with Shopify and KartRocket that build shopping experience for customers on web. “In the coming week, our integration with BigCommerce, Magento and 2 more platforms will also be available. We are in the process of integrating with 13 more platforms over the next 2 months so that anyone with an existing website can sign in and create a native mobile app, in under an hour, with absolutely no technical experience required, “ shared Nameet.

The business is huge and lucrative for Apptuse with no geographical boundaries but much will depend on the execution of the apps and there after making life easy for the customers who are looking to make their life easy with mobile.