Sibling Keeps You Connected With Your Siblings

Mobile app review of Sibling that is a protected network for siblings


This is a guest post by Amit Rawat who is an IT Consultant – Networking & Apple Solutions.

One more app for Social Media as if apps for already popular social media networks wasn’t enough. My and your reaction exactly if we were told that there is one available for iPhone regarding connection with people. The difference starts with the name as this one is named Sibling, and as the name suggests it’s made for siblings to be connected over social media. Remember how you wanted to get messages across to your siblings through calls/sms and couldn’t do so due to various reasons. How you wanted to share things ‘only’ with your siblings and not the others in your various social networks.

Creator and C0-Founder, Shubhendu Sharma and his team, have come out with just the app for those seeking that solution. In his words, Sibling works like a room you share with your siblings. All the files, photos, music, links and memories you add will be accessible by all your siblings. Free group messaging and a shared archive make it simple to share new experiences and preserve old memories.

Features of Sibling app

Log on to the Apple App store and download the Sibling app. After the registration is done which happens in moments, you can invite your siblings to join you on the network. Do note that Sibling has a limit of 5 siblings per family.

The app provides some interesting features which have been listed below:

1) Gallery: Pictures makes your network beautiful and Sibling has a smart gallery that will keep you hooked with your siblings. You can share photos within the family and not publicly and the gallery will help share those with your siblings or vice versa. However, end of the day the security is not compromised and if you don’t want to share the gallery, you can avoid it.


2) Newsfeed : With 5 people on the network, the newsfeed won’t be jammed unless you have a sibling who is always on the mobile. You can also comment and show love on the content that pops up on the newsfeed.


3) Groupchat: Admit it we all are chatter boxes. We love to chat with people whom we know or even complete strangers. This app does provide that facility for those who want to chat with their siblings at any given moment of time, provided they are online and willing to.

4) Archive: You had some data of recent times or yesteryear’s which you wanted to view but couldn’t as it wasn’t available with you but was with a sibling. Uploaded and shared data, which has probably got forgotten over a period, is also accessible thanks to the
archive feature.

5) Share anything: This provides you a chance to share any kind of data from links, album, files, documents, even the desktop not to mention the much needed ‘search files’ facility.


Sounds like a fun and fantastic way to keep in touch with your siblings and on top of that it’s free! Well, there has always been a need for privacy over social media networks and that’s why we even have different privacy settings while sharing data. But this one really looks like satisfying the need to sharing data and messaging with a certain group ‘siblings’, which always is more lost in the vast number of friend networks we have existing as of now.

Are private networks required?

People are connected over social media networks and the need to prioritize the incoming, outgoing or sharing data has increased the need to connect within groups to share the data with relevant people.

The number of smartphone users has quadrupled in the last couple of years and the increasing need for privacy and priority of sharing data has given birth to apps such as Sibling - which caters to a specific group and as well we all know blood is thicker than water. So this app is bound to pick up pace and acceptability among users all over the world. Of course this is a start and users would expect some other features to be added in the future versions but this certainly will add a lot of value to users who wish to be connected to family,  especially siblings.

So would you be interested in apps like Sibling that stays with you on your mobile, or do you think that you are better with Facebook. Do share your views in the comments.