SellMojo Wishes To Help SMEs Set Up Stores On Facebook

App review of SellMojo. A mumbai based startup that wishes to help SMEs to set up stores on Facebook


Commerce on Facebook is not yet dead! At least SellMojo, a Mumbai based startup that went public yesterday on the International Women’s Day thinks so. Started by Nameet Potnis, Anuj Garg and Anant Garg, SellMojo allows you to set up your store on Facebook. However, the primary focus of the startup is to get along with the small and medium businesses to explore commerce opportunities on the platform with very minimum investments.

In addition to this, Nameet shared some good news for users who would like to explore the product -

1. Opening a store on SellMojo is free for this entire month. What this means is that set up and payment gateway fees will be absorbed by SellMojo.

2. And if you are a woman and interested in exploring SellMojo for your business then the startup is giving free subscription for three months. Now that’s how you show your respect to women.

After knowing this, I was convinced to give SellMojo a test run.

How does SellMojo work?

Log into SellMojo and click on the button “Start Your Free trial.” After the required Facebook authentication, you have two choices – 1) Open a new store, and 2) Manage Open Stores.

1. Open a new store: The feature allows you to add a new tab to the selected Facebook page of your choice. Once you add all the required information about the products of your business then the store would look similar to the below screen grab. However, the below screen grab is of a demo account and it could differ slightly depending on how you set your store.


As a customer you can click on the product that you would like to have a look. You can view the product and even ask for an opinion from your friends on Facebook. You have a ‘Buy Now’ button that on click puts your product into the Shopping Cart. Further to this, you can either browse for more products or opt for a check out option.


The entire payment process happens on Facebook without the user leaving the platform. However, I was informed by Nameet that the last step i.e. entering the 3D secure code happens on a  third party site. This is because of the security guidelines that have been placed by RBI.

2. Manage open stores: It is the backend of the store. All the required details and information of the store should be filled here. Manage open stores has been divided into several categories to make the operations part very smooth. Along with a dashboard, you have options to add new products, track orders, provide discounts, and customize the store according to your needs.

In addition to the above said features, the store provides a variety of customized settings. These include specifying shipping charges, various modes of payments, and store settings such as specifying T&C, about the store, etc. SellMojo generates reports for the business to keep a track of their business too.

Click here to download the SellMojo user manual which is a screen by screen descriptive help for setting up the store.

Can SellMojo excite small scale business to go for it?

The success of SellMojo depends upon two entities – 1) SellMojo itself 2) and the Business. SellMojo for now provides the ease of operation and the setup is no rocket science. Everything happens on a click but going further it will have to work on showing products on user preferences or even showing what her friends have bought recently, etc. Besides, using Facebook as a platform could be challenging going forward but right now everything seems to be fine.

Last year we witnessed news floating that shops are closing stores on Facebook due to lack of interest from users. However, it was debated by another school of thought that these business had no sense of social media and rather than providing users an experience, the brands started spamming timelines. So this could be a challenge again for SellMojo and it could be overcome by providing the right knowledge to the SMEs and setting expectations straight from the very beginning.

SellMojo seems to be perfect to attack the Facebook Commerce market but it is not the only one, it has the company of Exprestore too.

As an SME, would you give a try to SellMojo and as a user are you keen to do transaction via Facebook? Do share your perspectives in the comments.