Apollo Hospitals Crosses Five Lakh Fans On Facebook

About the healthcare organisation, Apollo Hospitals reaching the 5 lakh fans milestone on Facebook and the celebration in the form of a Facebook campaign


Having easy access to medical guidance could prove to be a life saver at times. And brands in the medical space like Apollo Hospitals are building a fantastic awareness campaign through their social media networks. I came across an ad on Facebook a few days ago where the social media savvy healthcare organisation, Apollo Hospitals was inviting fans to come and join their family of 5 lakh friends. Referring to fans as friends and family sounded impressive to me, aside the fact that there were cool incentives to be won too.

The ad deserved a click and I was led to a Facebook app called ‘Celebrating 5 lakh fans’. One had to ‘like’ the page to participate and it was also a very basic app. All one had to do was complete the phrase ‘Health for me is….’ in 3 to 4 lines and the entries with the best answers would stand a chance to receive gift vouchers. It did ask for name and email although the app could have picked it up from my Facebook profile after authentication.


Celebrating fan milestones with contests or without them, today it is pertinent to the overall social media presence of a brand and we have seen multiple ways of celebration. From gift hampers to songs being crowdsourced from the Facebook community to a plain old ‘thank you’ message spread across the cover page, brands have come a long way. Although the Apollo Hospitals celebration is a basic one, it brings home the objective of the healthcare organisation – to create awareness about health and build an online community for the long term. Besides being a ‘like’ campaign, the use of the term ‘family’ and ‘friends’ deserve a special mention here!

One of Asia’s largest healthcare groups, the organisation is also quite active on Twitter with regular quiz contests and tweetinars at the end of a month. Apollo Hospitals had recently held a tweetinar on sports related injuries where queries were answered by a qualified joint care specialist, specialising in Sports Medicine.

Regular engagement and relevant content seem to be the two pillars on which Apollo Hospitals has built an online community. And this is certain to grow in the future.