Apollo Go The Distance On Facebook To Join Highway On My Plate Season Finale

Review of Apollo Go The Distance multi-leveled contest on Facebook where the grand prize winner gets to join Rocky and Mayur on 'Highway On My Plate' season finale


Rocky and Mayur, now which one of us doesn’t know them. We meet the foodie duo every Sunday gorging on some road side dhaba or foodstall and talking about food nineteen to the dozen.  And now there’s a way to join the funny guys.

Highway On My Plate, the weekly travel and food show featuring Rocky and Mayur, has been airing on NDTV Good Times since 2005, but this is the first time that the show is giving its fans a chance to be part of the excitement. Fans can play the multi-levelled ‘Apollo Go the distance’ contest on Facebook to join the two on Highway on my plate (HOMP). The contest tests your wit, along with your knowledge of food.

Apollo Go the distance

Hosted on a Facebook app at the NDTV Good Times page, Apollo Go the Distance comprises of fun stuff after you ‘like’ the page. Click on the ‘participate’ button to begin with the various levels.


In level 1, you need to replace a word in a movie title with ‘HOMP’, you need to come up with 5 famous movie names from Hollywood or Bollywood.

In level 2, you need to give a quirky, crazy caption to the displayed image. Level 3 expects you to spot 5 differences in the two mirror images, all within 2 minutes. Level 4 is about food; match the listed dishes to the names of the cities known for these specialities, all within 2 minutes. The last level or level 5 needs you to upload a photograph of you that captures a fun-filled, crazy travel moment. Get people to vote for your pic to better your position on the Leaderboard.

Clear all levels to qualify for the big prize – appear on HOMP Season Finale in September. Additionally, there are weekly lucky draws for fans who complete Level 1 and Level 2, and these would win HOMP Merchandise. One can also improve their rank in the leaderboard by playing the game every week!

The app has the Weekly winner section which displays the week’s winners, a leaderboard which lists the top 5 participants in terms of weekly rankings, and a Voting Gallery with travel picture submissions. Beside each entry, there are social sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter apart from a ‘Vote’ button.

Getting closer to your audience

Many Indian brands across industries are finding ways and means to get closer to their community this year. And what better way than to give them a chance up, close and personal. Starring alongside Rocky and Mayur, the most popular foodies on television, must be a dream come true  for food and travel enthusiasts all around the country. Concept-wise, ‘Apollo Go the Distance’ is no doubt cool and platform-wise, the choice of Facebook is great.

Being a like-gated Facebook app, the contest will also help grow its fan base, which is over 650K for the most popular lifestyle channel in India. Besides, these fans would be relevant ones with interests in food and travel, an asset especially to the lifestyle-conscious community being built.

Neat layout, good design, smooth navigation and social sharing buttons make for a good user experience too. The social savvy television channel has done it once again for its most loved travel and food show. Along with regular updates about the contest, the show also keeps its viewers engaged through Twitter. During the show, the Twitter handle puts up 3 questions based on the current show, and viewers with right answers are gratified with HOMP merchandise.

Want to join Rocky and Mayur, then this is it. Or else there are brand merchandise to be won. What do you think?