Answerify,The Desi Answer To Quora

Answerify,The Desi Answer To Quora

Answerify, the answering tribe is a portal to ask questions and answers. It is a new launch by Banyantree Infomedia where people can go and ask questions and share their knowledge by replying to answers posted by others. With this new launch, Answerify is placed head to head against the likes of Quora, Facebook Questions and LinkedIn Answers.

Although the idea is not a novel one, Sanjay Virmani, managing partner in Banyantree Infomedia is quite upbeat with the launch and with the way things have shaped up for Answerify:

“I am mighty pleased with the way it has turned out, especially the look and feel of the site. We have been ruminating on this for quite a bit, just to make sure that we do not compromise on the visual aesthetics in trying to achieve something that’s simple to handle.”

Is Answerify really Cool?

  • Simplicity and clean layout is one of the driving factors of the portal. The option of Facebook login really makes life easy as you can look into the Question and Answer section and not bother about filling lengthy forms.
  • ‘Ask a Question’ and ‘Search a Question’ feature is right in front of your eyes. Very simple and even Quora fails here. Just type in your question and categorize it before saving. You can also share your question on Facebook which is a great idea to bring more answers as well as traffic.
  • The single page layout is easy on the eyes  and it’s another scoring point of the portal.
  • Answering questions is simple and the portal trends top rated answers and a list of recent answers with recent questions. So answering a question is also hassle-free.
  • Answering questions also allows you to vote for other answers and simultaneously share them on other social media platforms. This is a great way of driving traffic from other social networks and also create awareness of the service.
  • Content moderation which is a must, is one of the highlighted features of Answerify. Moderation is one of the reasons why Quora is popular and Answerify is sporting it too.

Answerify has a great platform but it will have to brand itself heavily on social media to reach to the masses that is presently hooked on to other popular platforms. Less of ads, rewarding fans for their participation and strong moderation can make this idea grow in the coming days.

Source: Alootechie