Animesh Mishra Talks About The Pune Blogger Group And Monsoon Meetup

Conversation with Animesh about the Pune Blogger Group and his thoughts on the monsoon meetup

I was fortunate to be a part of the Pune blogger meetup on May 5, this year, thanks to its initiator, Animesh K Mishra. Meeting up with like-minded bloggers from my city was an enriching experience for me. You can read more about the meetup and my takeaways here. As promised during the ‘road ahead’ discussion, Animesh did set up a Facebook group for Pune bloggers and must credit him for the way he has managed the group 0nline as well offline. Animesh’s work has been very well supported by the Pune bloggers and that’s why we are going to see the monsoon meetup this coming Saturday. In addition to this, Pune bloggers have not only met for meetings but have come forward in supporting some essential work such as the website development, Facebook cover page creation, etc.

animesh k mishra

I have known Animesh from Indiblogger where he has an active presence and quite famously known as Captain Awesome. Indeed he is an awesome person and the man behind the initiation of the Pune bloggers community. As far I know Pune never had a blogging community and being a blogger I also wanted to meet like-minded people. For Animesh, starting this community was just a random thought as he told me over a conversation on Facebook. He further elaborated,

“I knew Pune has a lot of bloggers, thousands of them but never saw any active community here. I had been seeing Bloggers meet in other cities, tried to get one organized at Pune but did not materialize. So, I took the lead and organized one myself. Thankfully, I met an amazing bunch of bloggers like you and few others in the meet which has now resulted in Pune Blog-In.”

Things only fall in place when one goes ahead and shows the can do attitude and Animesh did it. Besides this being a not so active member on the Facebook group, I have seen the community grow and social media has provided the extra boost. Animesh agreed to this and said that a lot of people have been made aware of this community in very less time because of the powers of social media. He explained,

“The group actually grew because of Facebook. We could have kept on talking but it would have taken a lot of time. It was a suggestion from Vikram Karve sir to create a group on FB and it worked well. In fact, we are participating in IBL (Indian Bloggers League) with our official name and logo.”

Definitely no one can doubt the powers of social media anymore. Undoubtedly the group which was started hardly 2 months ago has got support from like-minded people just because of the genuine intentions. Carrying my discussions further, I asked one last question about the future of this group and how does our Captain Awesome plan to take it further. Animesh who definitely has some great ideas to take it further, shared,

“In fact, we are doing very well. It was evident when IBL was announced. While other teams were struggling to get players, we got them in few hours as we already had an active group. I have also received few appreciations saying they never saw a group of bloggers from a city like this. In future, I would like it to see an ideal for other cities and bloggers forming similar group. Moreover, there is no support for bloggers and we get thrashed a lot, especially social issue bloggers. I would like to have a group as a backbone, a solid and strong support for bloggers everywhere, be it social life, personal life or political issues. One thing which I really want to pursue through this group is Bloggers social responsibility.”

I am sure that Pune bloggers community will go places and will have many more such quality meetups. So if you would love to be part of this community then do join the Facebook group and you would be invited for the 7th July,2012 event. By the way the event is a unconference so don’t be surprised if you don’t find gurus as bloggers don’t gel with them!