Anil K Nair On Wanting To Be A Doctor To Finally Falling In Love With Advertising [Video]

Anil K Nair, Managing Partner and Digital Head at Digital Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi talks about growing up in Mumbai, his interest in medical and wanting to be doctor to finally ending up in advertising

“I came in a period where ads were type set physically, the set was copy pasted physically to compose the entire ad. I came during a time when there were no computers and then I saw the first generation of computers which now look as absolute dinosaurs. The medium has changed so dramatically that everything I knew has changed,” shared Anil K Nair, Managing Partner and Digital Head at Digital Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi.

Anil feels quite fortunate that he became part of the industry when the old advertising was witnessing the end and the dawn of a complete new era of digital had just started. “I can’t even tell you how much the medium has changed but people were not always sitting before the computer box. Although the computer and internet have their own power but somewhere we have lost a bit of the imagination power or the old charm.”

Talking extensively with Lighthouse Insights on the various aspects of his personal and professional life, Anil talks about his love for the city of Mumbai where he has born and brought up. “The city has influenced me in many senses. I gain my energy from the city - never say no attitude to things. So you can throw any challenge to me and I am sure that there is a solution for everything.”

In this first part of the video conversation, Anil talks about his initial interest to be a doctor but after completing his bio-medical engineering he realised that this wasn’t the profession he would like to spend his life in.“Just after my bio-medical engineering I realised that I can’t spend a lot of time in hospitals with patients cut up and that sealed my proximity to a medical career.”

Later on he did his MBA in marketing from SIMSR and got attracted to the world of advertisement. Before winding up the first part Anil talks extensively on how advertising as a medium has evolved today in this digital world.