Anil K Nair Believes That India Can Lead The Digital Evolution Worldwide [Video]

Anil K Nair, Managing Partner and Digital Head at Digital Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi talks about digital evolution in the country and digital campaigns of H1, 2014

“Digital in the country has evolved in two ways, I was part of the first one well known as the Dotcom bust. Those were the really early days of digital, it was a bubble and it didn’t have the necessary inertia to become what it is today. In this particular stint over the period of last 4-5 years, we have seen the pieces of the puzzle come together. It is still not the way as we would want but which is why it will sustain more than the last time,” said  Anil K Nair, Managing Partner and Digital Head at Digital Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi.

In a video conversation with Lighthouse Insights, Anil shared his thoughts on how digital has evolved in the country since the dotcom bubble days.

He further adds that being a bit late has helped the country to jump the learning curve at different stages. Based on that he believes that the country has the ability to lead the digital revolution so we don’t need to follow the west. “We can be leading digital since we have got all the raw materials that we need - computer literate society, young people and brands ready to challenge the world. So I believe if handled well we can lead digital.”

In the first part of the video conversation, Anil spoke about the days of growing up in Mumbai, how he wanted to be a doctor and finally falling in love with advertising. Before winding up he also talks extensively on how advertising as a medium has evolved in this digital world.

In this second part of the video conversation, he shares his thoughts on how digital has evolved in the country and some of the interesting work the agency has done in the first half of 2014.