A Sober Look At MTV India’s Count Your Drinks App

Count Your Drinks will help you to keep track of your drinks and split your bills accurately



If you are someone who is devoted to getting wasted every weekend (or weekdays) with your friends, MTV India has come up with something that might make your hazy life a little better! Nope, they are not going to buy you a round of drinks but instead their new app ‘Count Your Drinks’ will help you to keep track of your drinks and split your bills accurately (a hitherto vexing problem which had gone unsolved for decades!)


Count Your Drinks is an Android app and has a simple premise. You open it up before a drinking session and add your drinking buddies to a virtual table. The app searches your phone contacts to let you do this. With every round your group buys, some poor guy will have to update this information into the app.

After the revelry is over and the money split gets complicated due to excess of alcohol and the desire to avoid calculation, I am sure that one person will end up putting the whole bill on their card due to alcohol induced generosity. The next day, when the hungover brain has been restored to its correct size, all your buddies can be presented with the exact expenses incurred per person in addition to the service tax. Simple and clean!


Can the app be better?

Now I know this app might sound wonderful to many of you out there purely because of its utility, but I am of the opinion that it could have been done in a much better way. Firstly, the app’s design is somewhat dated besides being slightly whimsical. It reminds me of apps from around 2 years ago. That is a long time when it comes to design evolution. Apps these days are slick and fast when it comes to the UX. Count Your Drinks is hardly intuitive and takes the sober mind some time to figure out. This may not be a good thing when your app is targeted specifically to drinkers!

Secondly, the app has some features which are never used in the app flow. For example, there is support for push notifications, location information and ‘quiet time’. What’s all this for? Isn’t this a simple app to count your drinks and calculate your bills?

I am happy that MTV India is exploring these niche areas but they also need to do a good job at it. Utility is not the only thing that goes into an app. It should address the need at hand in the best possible way and also make the whole experience smoother. Count Your Drinks sounds fun but doesn’t actually deliver completely. I would rather use a simple calculator to split bills till something better comes along.

For those who want to check this app out, you can download it here. It requires Android 2.3 and above.