ANDPictures Creates Videos Out Of Tweets To Promote Its Interactive App ‘Dil Se’

For the promotions of Dil Se, an interactive app by ANDPictures, the channel hosted an interactive Twitter campaign that converted user tweets into funny videos in real time


ANDPictures, the interactive movie channel from the stable of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd (ZEEL) recently launched an interactive application called Dil Se. Further strengthening the movie channel as one that helps viewers get closer to their favourite stars, the interactive application allows people to record and upload messages for their favourite celebrity. These recorded messages are then sent to the celebs for them to reply with personalized messages for their fans.

An interactive app like Dil Se needed an interactive campaign too. For the promotions of Dil Se, ANDPictures’ digital agency, TheSmallBigIdea created an interactive campaign on social media, in association with stand up comedians Ashwin Mushran and Amogh Ranadive. The campaign invited people on Twitter to #WishDilSe, while the funny duo created hilarious videos out of them in real-time.

The channel basically asked its community, “How far would you go to catch the attention of your favourite star?” While Twitter users poured in their crazy ideas in the form of tweets and posts, Ashwin Mushran, Amogh Ranadive and the agency were hard at work converting the tweets into video sketches.

The hilarious gags told the audience how their ideas of impressing their stars might not to be the best, by mocking the idea itself. The Dil Se app was promoted at the end of each of the videos.

People have loved the initiative and shared the videos made out of their tweets:

Connecting effectively

Although the idea of converting tweets into videos isn’t a novel one, it is always a challenging campaign to execute on social media in real time, as with all content co-creation campaign challenges. And it leaves a lasting impression on the ones who have participated in the initiative, along with creating video content that becomes part of the brand’s digital property and perhaps also reusable. The concept also needs to be aligned to the campaign message, for it to reach out effectively to the target audience.

Last year, for the promotions of Fine Dark Cadbury Bournville, the chocolate brand ran a Twitter campaign that converted tweets into funny videos by professional stand up comedians. The idea was to emphasize its ‘not so sweet’ nature. For Raksha Bandhan, Cadbury Celebrations made song videos from messages sent by brothers to their sisters in its ‘Songs for Sisters’ campaign. Asian Paints created mime videos from tweets made by users sharing what made them speechless. Here, the idea was to promote the Royal Aspira premium paint range that left one speechless.

Co-creation of content also helps building a bond with the fan base, and in the case of #WishDilSe, it also helps promote the interactive app through an interactive campaign. A fun yet memorable campaign for Dil Se, that also connects to the right audience of celebrities’ fans.