Anand Mahindra Saves His Brand On Twitter

Anand Mahindra Saves His Brand on Twitter

Brands on Twitter have a common strand running through them. While the purpose of being on Twitter may be different – some are in it to create awareness of their existence, some spread information about their products while some popular ones use Twitter to reach out to the community, the one common thing they all have to face is ‘Customer Complaints’. If there are products, then there will be feedback or suggestions or complaints and complaints are the first thing to work upon if you want to survive.

Recently, I came across a tweet in my timeline by @anandmahindra, MD of Mahindra group who is an avid Twitterrati and an influencer to lot of aspiring Indians.

Anand Mahindra's Tweet

I followed the conversation trail mainly out of curiosity and also because it is human nature to dig deep into matters concerning others! If you look at the below series of screen shots, you will notice how within a span of three hours, Anand Mahindra responded along with a plan of action.


The Story

We all know that he has an active Twitter presence but with his busy schedule he is listening on Twitter too. But had he chosen to ignore it,

  • He wouldn’t know which of his dealers was causing problems.
  • He would lose a whole chunk of business from this particular customer.
  • His brand would suffer from the ‘bad’ word of mouth spread by the irate customer.
  • Besides, losing face in front of his strong Twitter followers community.
  • And with this one little 140-charactered tweet, he not only managed to save his brands reputation but also enhance its image as that of a ‘Reliable’ one and gain appreciation from his Twitter community.
Appreciation From Fans

Brands can stay ahead of the competition only if they paid attention to the basic thing of respecting your customer. Tackling customer complaints honestly is an art, every brand should cultivate, especially in the age of social media. Remember to keep your customer happy as the cost of losing an existing customer is much more than making a new one.

So can this be a wake up call for all community managers who have entrusted their brand’s social media management to agencies?