Analytics Companies In India Grow Three Folds In Last Year And Half. Bangalore Remains The Hub

According to the latest report for the year 2013 by Analytics India Magazine, the growth of analytic firms in India and around the globe has been tremendous.



While there is a big hype around Big Data globally, Asia remains to be the growing market in analytics. Analytics firms in the country are making a mark too. With Fisheye Analytics, Little Eye Labs and Salorix catching the attention of the bigger tech giants, one would likely believe that the sector is going to grow further. If we are going to go by Analytics India Magazine then it isn’t surprising at all.

Each year Analytics India Magazine publishes a study on how analytics companies ((Acc to the magazine: By Analytics Organizations we refer to companies that provide services externally around analytics and related fields. This can include training organizations or even large consulting companies with analytics as a service line. We have also included product companies that have created products with a deep focus or dependency around analytics.)) are coming up in various cities in India and where is the action happening.

According to the latest report for the year 2013, the growth of analytic firms in India and around the globe has been tremendous.

Some of the other notable findings are:

1. 6% of analytics organizations worldwide are either based out of India or have operations in India.

2. The number of analytics companies in India has grown three folds in last 1.5 years.

3. Analytics firms have also grown in size. A year back, the percentage of analytics firms in India with employee size less 50 was 71%. This year, this number has decreased to 66%.

4. Bangalore still is the hub of analytics in India, though other cities are coming up. Last year, Bangalore housed 29% of all analytics firms in India. This is a decline of 2% from a year ago. Similarly, Mumbai (17% to 16%) and Delhi (15% to 11%) have seen a decline in overall % analytics companies.

The Analytics industry definitely is growing. Recently Pune-based Persistent Systems Ltd, acquired Pune and California based CloudSquads Inc, an enterprise social apps platform, for an undisclosed sum. The latest acquisition is being looked upon as an addition to Persistent’s growing clout over the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) technology. Along with a whole bunch of startups trying to grab a piece of the pie, IT giants are also investing on SMAC technology pushing the market for analytics in the country.

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